Beauty Blender Vs. Foundation Brush: The Foundation Tips

Foundation Brush

Many people who love makeup are in-between makeup tools, with the major ones being foundation brush or beauty blender. Therefore, it is crucial to understand these tools so that you can decide which one works for you. Here are foundation tips that will help you learn the differences between a beauty blender and a foundation brush.

Type Of Look

The type of look you want to achieve will determine which foundation tool to use. Beauty blenders are known for absorbing foundation. This means that not too much foundation gets on your skin. Therefore, if you want to achieve a natural look, use a beauty blender to apply your foundation.

In addition to this, beauty blenders do not leave any streaks. Thus, they make it hard for someone who is at a distance to know if you are wearing makeup. So, you will have a uniform look that feels light.

However, if you are going for an airbrushed look, use foundation brushes. Synthetic foundation brushes do not absorb foundation. Therefore, the product in the brush will be used on the face. This gives you an airbrushed look that makes you glow.

Use foundation brushes when you want to wear full makeup. This includes when you are going out for an event. If you work in the house, and you would like a simple look, use a beauty blender.

However, if beauty blenders are the only tools that you have, yet you want an airbrushed look, you should dampen them. Use a setting spray to make your beauty blender wet, and it will not absorb foundation.

Time For Preparation

Whenever you are late for work, use a foundation brush to apply foundation. You will achieve coverage faster. However, if you have time, you can blend in the foundation using a beauty blender. Blend until you end up with that light flawless look that you want to achieve.

Type Of Foundation

The type of foundation you use plays a significant role in choosing the right makeup tool. Use foundation brushes if you are applying liquid, powder, stick, and cream foundations. The hair on the foundation brushes can effortlessly distribute any type of foundation

It is vital to know that foundation brushes come in two types; natural and synthetic. Natural foundation brushes are made using natural hair, whereas synthetic brushes are made using nylon and other synthetic materials.

Natural foundation brushes work better for powder foundations, whereas synthetic brushes work best for cream, liquid, and stick foundations.

Use a beauty blender when you are applying liquid foundations and BB creams Beauty blenders tend to distribute liquid foundations equally. When you are blending, you need to pat the contents in the skin. Thus, it is easier for the beauty blender to distribute these foundation types in all parts of the face.

Time For Cleaning

As mentioned earlier, it is easier to clean foundation brushes. Therefore, if you do not have enough time on your weekends to do cleaning, use foundation brushes during the week. Put soap in water and then use it to wash the brushes. Use a makeup brush washer to remove the dirt.

On the other hand, if you have enough time during the weekends, you can do away with beauty blenders during the week. Use a cleanser and hot water to wash the beauty blenders. Soak the brushes in hot water, which has soap for a few minutes as this will help remove the dirt. Then use a makeup brush washer to clean any dirt left behind.

Covering Your Full Face

Walking around with different spots on the face lacking foundation is a common problem for a makeup girl. Certain places are hard to reach, such as under the lower waterline. That eye area is usually denied enough foundation as compared to the rest of the face.

Beauty blenders come in different shapes and sizes to ensure that you cover every corner of your face. If you want to have a uniform coverage without using too much product, use a beauty blender. Mini beauty blenders have helped people cover their whole face uniformly.

Foundation brushes have a large surface area; therefore, it is hard to reach every corner of your face.

Traveling Tool

Beauty blenders are challenging to travel with, especially after dampening them. This means that they will be highly exposed to bacteria, and using them will give you acne. Therefore, if you are traveling, carry foundation brushes with you.

Choose the best foundation brushes to ensure that you get travel sizes that can easily fit in your bag.

Period Of Use

People who apply makeup daily need to use a tool that lasts long. Foundation brushes are made to resist any pressure put to the. Therefore, you can use your foundation brush every day, and use it for a year. If you wash your foundation brushes the right way, they will serve you for years.

However, beauty blenders do not last long. They end up being worn out, and you will not achieve a flawless look every time you use them. You need to replace your beauty blenders every three to six months of use.


If you are looking for an affordable foundation tool, then choose beauty blenders. Beauty blenders are so affordable that you can have multiple of them.

Foundation brushes, on the other hand, are not cheap, but they are a great investment. Low-quality foundation brushes are cheaper, but it is advisable to invest in a good set of foundation brushes that will last you for years.

Various Purposes

If you are a girl who is always on the go, which means you don’t have time to carry many makeup tools, you should have a foundation brush. This brush will help you when applying your setting powder, blush, and even highlighter. Therefore, you will get your whole makeup done with only one tool.

Both foundation brushes and beauty blenders are important tools when applying makeup. You now know how to use both in different scenarios. Make a wise decision and look awesome.

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