Be Aware Of Fake Yellow Sapphire


There are several cases where people are sold fake yellow glass instead of natural yellow sapphire gemstone. The country that supplies the best quality yellow sapphire is Sri Lanka. But in the Indian market we can often get the gemstone supplied from Thailand, Brazil, Myanmar, Australia, Tasmania, Cambodia, and Pakistan. The quality of the yellow sapphire gemstone is graded in several grades. And these are the price determining factor of the gemstone. The grade in which the gemstone is graded is: Standard Grade Yellow Sapphire, Fine Grade Yellow Sapphire, Premium Grade Yellow Sapphire, and Super Premium Grade Yellow Sapphire. The shine and the color composition also determine the price of yellow sapphire gemstone. The fine quality sapphire is transparent and shiny. The yellow sapphire can be bought from the online websites or by visiting the trusted dealers. You can check the price and quality of the stone online and make a direct order through it, but make sure you study the quality of the stone provided.

The yellow sapphire, gemstone holds an immense power in an astrological field. If the stone is natural, then it can benefit the wearer in many forms. It can balance the chakras and position of the stars that help in maintaining the balance between the mind and body. The positive energy of the stone helps in gaining the opportunity and brings the luck for the wearer. It also helps the wearer to benefit his/her health drastically.

To distinguish the fake yellow glass from the natural gemstone, you must be smart enough and should be extremely cautious, because the price of the yellow sapphire gemstone is very expensive in the international market, and you can’t just simply put your valuable money in fake gemstones. Follow the following procedures to check the fake yellow glass:


  • Make sure there are no any tiny bubbles visible through your naked eye. The original natural gemstone does not contain any impurities and bubbles like complexion in it. Instead, the fine quality gemstone is transparent and shiny without any impurities.
  • The most common fake gemstone for yellow sapphire is a yellow glass. So, compare the yellow glass and yellow sapphire side by side you will get your answer. The original natural yellow sapphire is more shiny and beautiful than an ordinary yellow glass.
  • Mark the fact that natural yellow sapphire gemstone do not have the perfect edge. The edges are somewhat rough and unfinished edges. The fake ones have the perfect cuts and perfect edges. Make sure that your stone has the complex and unfinished cuts in the edges. Pure gemstone barely contains the perfect round edges except some exception.
  • In many fake gemstone, the seller obtain stick the reflective surface in the base to increase the reflection that makes the stone shinier. Always check thoroughly if there are any suspicious things going on the stone. Especially, the base of the gemstone, if there is an anything stuck on the base of the stone, immediately rejects that one.

In this way, you can be protected from the fraud dealer and fake gemstones. These basic procedures must be known before buying the stone that helps you in choosing the right one. The price of the yellow sapphire is expensive, so make sure you invest your handsome sum of money in a good stone. Buy once but buy the good one. Often, big personalities keep their assistant for buying these gemstones to be sure about the quality and gemstone instead of directly buying themselves. The fake stone can affect your position of stars and hampers the astrological field. Only an original and natural gemstone can benefit you with the mystical powers and astrological powers.

Taking care of the Gemstone

It is equally important for the wearer to take care of the gemstone frequently. To make your stone shine beautiful and clean, you must be cautious about its cleanliness. Always protect your stone from the harmful and hazardous radiations and sunlight. Keep the stone far from the chemicals, especially the chemicals that are used for, dishwashing affects the stone embedded rings. Clean the stone with warm clean water, and a dry soft cloth. Repeat this procedure frequently to retain the beauty of the stone forever.

Ellen Hollington

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