Awesome Relation Established By Mermaids Between The Fish And Mankind

The fish is a species that is considered to be much lower in the animal kingdom, while mankind is the highest developed creature of the nature. There is hardly any similarity between these two different creatures, which is bridged only by a mystical figure with the name of mermaid. According to the fairy tales, a mermaid is a beautiful woman, whose lower body is the same as that of a large fish.

Sources of the imagination about the mermaids

Though there is no real existence of a mermaid in the world, now plenty of mermaids are visible all over the USA, as many young women dress as mermaids and show their performances while swimming in the water. There are plenty of books in the world, where fictional stories were written about the mermaids and their lifestyles. ‘Mermaid in Chelsea Creek’ penned by Michelle Tea and ‘Lost Voices’ by Sarah Porter are a few examples of the famous novels written on this subject of mermaids. The most popular story is “The Little Mermaid” and it was written by Hans Christian Anderson, where he mentions about the sacrifice and rejection suffered by a mermaid. This popular story was later filmed by Walt Disney and highly acclaimed worldwide. Several films also have been created on the mermaids, where pretty ladies have enacted the roles of the mermaids. So the common people have a definite imagination about these mermaids and their world, which they love to see in real life, in the form of entertaining performances of women posing as mermaids.

Modern mermaids – the new scope of earning money

In reality, people can see the mermaids only in the live shows where the women dress up as the mystical mermaids and swim around the waters of glass tanks. These women are paid handsome amounts of money for wearing artificial mermaid tails and move in the water. Some places are now recognized for holding the most popular mermaid shows, among which Denver Aquarium, Wreck Bar in Fort Lauderdale and Dive Bar of Sacramento are the most notable ones. Lots of highly experienced and talented mermaids perform in these shows regularly, entertaining thousands of people of all ages. They receive large amounts of money in return of their brilliant performances as mermaids in the huge water tanks.

Though there are different other mystical characters as well, the people love to see the mermaids due to the beautiful stories spread about them since ancient times. Moreover, most of the other characters are known to be dangerous for ordinary mankind; while the mermaid is depicted as a beautiful creature who is completely harmless and innocent. She is seen as a wild and ancient creature, who may act as a friend of humans, as penned in many stories.  The most notable features about the mermaid are her long and swishing tail that resembles just like a fish, as well as her long cascade of hair flowing down her shoulders and reaches beneath her waist. Hence, modern mermaids put on the artificial mermaid tails and wigs to pose as the real ones.

Different varieties of mermaid tails

These tail fins are available in three varieties; namely the expensive ones made of silicone, the fins made of latex that has medium ranged costs and lastly, the cheapest variety is made of fabric and rubber. The silicone is uncomfortably heavy, though it imparts the look of a natural tail fin that matches with the body of the user. Hence, most of the professional mermaids now prefer to buy these swimming fins online, from Mermaid aqua is known to be a reliable and renowned brand that manufactures most attractive tail fins with waterproof fabrics, where the inner surface of this mono tint is made of highly durable rubber. These fins allow them to swim easily under the water, as smoothly as expected from a real mermaid. So it is desired to use only the lightest kinds of tail fins, which join together the legs of the mermaids and helps her to float in the water for hours.  The bright appearance of the vibrant colored fins make the mermaids look more attractive in her shows.

Apparent reasons for the popularity of mermaids as a profession

The men find the mermaids to be a great combination of explicit beauty and soothing feminine nature, which they may want to find in their partners. The stories of the love and sacrifice of the mermaids make every man look to these mystical characters as perfect icons of love. Thus, they like to see the performances of the professional mermaids, who visualize their dreams of the mermaids from childhood. The women also like these mermaid shows, as they find the mermaids as icons of female power, sacredness and freedom from the childhood stories, as the mystical mermaids are known to be free from gender based biases and restrictions. Hence, the mermaids visualize the secret desires of every child, teenager and even the adults, resulting to the huge popularity of these shows.

Many people desire to be mermaids themselves and thus love to perform as these iconic figures before others. Most of the professional mermaids remain unmarried like the fairy tale characters, as this physically strenuous job is not possibly undertaken after bearing all the responsibilities of a family life. In Weeks Watcher, plenty of glamorous mermaids had been performing for decades and most of them reportedly enjoyed their profession, due to its excitement of performing in the water and the freedom associated to this job. They can remain in the water for as long as they want and also may appear for public shows, only when they are physically and mentally ready for performances. Many professional mermaids undergo scuba training for weeks and become certified for delivering better performances in the mermaid shows.

The mermaid character of Ariel, the sad mermaid depicted by Disney is still considered to be the icon for the common people all over the world. They love to watch the slippery and shiny mermaid tails of the beautiful women swimming in the water tanks before them, symbolizing the ancient female power of the mystical mermaids.

Ellen Hollington

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