Android Wear Update will Bring Good news to LG Watch Owners

When Google released the update for Android Wear in the general ‘5.1’ update a few months ago, not all watches had the necessary hardware to support WiFi communication added in that release. This is an unfortunate blow for some purchasers, because as we all know if you’re not on the latest OS version, you will fall behind, and eventually end up with software that is no longer supported. However, this will affect only a minority of users, and for the majority it will bring benefits.

The latest Android Wear update will mean that LG’s first round wearable device, G Watch R, will become Wi-Fi capable. If you have WiFi on your Android Wear that means your watch can communicate with a connected phone over WiFi instead of a direct Bluetooth connection. Of course, both devices have to have an internet connection so that they remain paired.

So, over the next few days as the Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) update is rolled out around the world, LG’s G Watch, G Watch R and Watch Urbane devices will all have more features to play around with. In addition to G Watch R’s new Wi-Fi capabilities, all three LG devices will now support interactive watch faces available for download from Google Play. All that means is that with an interactive watch face, you can tap on the surface or the watch to see additional information. More good news – you can keep the phone stored in your pocket because with the latest update the LG’s Android Wear devices will be able to support useful apps that perform specific functions, such as displaying a four-day weather forecast or performing translations in numerous foreign languages right on the watch itself.

This doesn’t just affect LG watch owners wither, but the multitude of other connect smart watches that run on the Android Wear platform. Some of the other big winners here will be Michael Kors and Emporio Armani watches, which will benefit from some similar updates as the LG’s, and Motorola. Look out for details of updates to your own smart watch, and for further details about the upgrade and its key features, you can go to Google’s official Android Wear blog at

Ellen Hollington

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