Alternative Face Coverings: Neck Gaiters

Alternative Face Coverings: Neck Gaiters

Ideal For Outdoor Activities

A neck gaiter also called an earmuff or bandana is a tube of fabric that covers your neck and may stretch all up to your nose. The most effective neck gaiters usually consist of a breathable, polyester fabric that is both cool as well as warming. Neck gaiters are ideal for outdoor activities, for example, hiking, biking or trekking, snow sports, etc. to protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays and wind, debris, sand as well as insects. Customized neck gaiters are extremely efficient, due to their flexibility. For adults the flexibility of a Custom Neck Gaiters allows it to be utilized as an accessory for a neck warmer, face shield, or hat, as well as a headband. It means that custom sublimated promotional neck gaiters will be more likely to be seen and used as opposed to products that are used only once.

For certain people, wearing a face mask is uncomfortable, emotionally or physically it is either not comfortable or will not. A few of them may opt for neck gaiters to make up for it. The neck gaiter is a sleeve-shaped piece of clothing, similar to a turtle neck, however, it is that it is long enough to be worn over the nose and mouth.

Are Neck Gaiters Effective To Prevent The Spread Of Coronavirus?

The most common rule is that any facial covering is superior to no cover. Anything that filters the mouth and nose droplets that may be carriers of the virus is beneficial but its effectiveness in stopping the spread of the virus varies. For instance, the silk bandana can provide a small amount of protection, but not as much as an afghan mask that is made of cloth and filters that provide an effective barrier.

Following an August 2020 study that has sparked alarming headlines claiming that noses can be worse than having no protection Science News reviewed the report and concluded that you “shouldn’t trash your neck gaiter”. “The headline that neck gaiters can be worse is inaccurate,” University of California San Francisco infectious diseases specialist Monica Gandhi, told the magazine. She added that headlines like this “can turn people off of mask wearing, which we know can protect both the individual wearing the mask and those around them.”

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Fit And Style

Neck gaiters come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. The well-known, tight, and snug gaiters offer warmth to your neck, and can pulled towards the ears and nose to cover your face in half. Another alternative is the adjustable fitting, which permits it to be tucked in various ways, from a snug fit, to loosely fitting a face mask.

The gaiters should not be too tight or loose. The neck gaiter must be comfortable, but not overly tight to keep you warm. However, you should not wish your gaiter to be too tight as it will hinder the normal circulation of blood and also reduce insulation. Be careful and select the most adaptable and suitable one.


The material is another factor to consider when choosing the most suitable gaiters for purchase. It is recommended to choose a comfortable and warm neck gaiter that is insulated. Additionally, the soft and soft material is comfortable and won’t cause any harm to your neck. Fabrics that are moisture-wicking, air-conditioned, and odorless are a great choice for delivering the highest convenience and efficiency.

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Color and Pattern

Gaiters and neck warmers come in a vast variety of patterns and colors. Some manufacturers even have exclusive designs, like two-way reversible designs and colors. Therefore, choosing the appropriate pattern and color to use your neck gaiter to suit different purposes and occasions is easy. You could also match your gaiter with your coat or jacket, as there are many options to choose from.


Many manufacturers are trying to increase the functionality, quality, and endurance of neck gaiters by incorporating additional protection. Features such as UV protection, weather resistance, waterproof antimicrobial coating, as well as fungal protection can help your neck gaiter to perform better. Other features like stretchability and flexibility assist to ensure that the gaiter is perfect and allow you to utilize the neck gaiter at ease.


It is essential to buy an appropriate neck gaiter that is well air-conditioned. It is further enhanced by moisture-wicking properties, which provide the utmost dryness and comfort in all conditions. The ability to breathe improves the warming effects that a gaiter neck by acting as temperature control.

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