8 Mardi Gras Costuming Tips and Tricks

8 Mardi Gras Costuming Tips and Tricks

Mardi Gras is Coming! Are you Ready for It?

The pandemic has been hard for everyone and we all need a good party! And when it comes to parties and parades, nothing can be as grand and fun as New Orleans’ Mardi Gras! Nothing is as exciting as partying (and drinking) all day while surrounded by a frenzy of people in purple, green, and gold. Mardi Gras is an all-out party because it celebrates the last day before Lent. Mardi Gras literally translates to “Fat Tuesday” in French. This is because this is the very day where everyone is allowed to party and consume rich food and drinks before fasting for the Lenten season. This core essence makes Mardi Gras ever big, grand, and unapologetic!

If you’re already preparing for your costume, allow us to share a few tips and tricks that would make everything easier and more enjoyable for you. This guide is perfect for a first-time Mardi Gras guest! If you’re a Mardi Gras enthusiast, you probably know a few of these. It will still serve you though as you may have already forgotten a few easily overlooked important matters. Read on, learn, and party on!

1. Heels Are a No-No!

Heels are simply irresistible. It’s the easiest way to add sex appeal and glamour to any outfit. Heels should never be an option though if you’d party in Mardi Gras. They would look good but we promise you that you won’t feel good at all. If you’re out to party and have a good time, skipping on wearing heels is the way to go. You need to know that you’d be standing and walking for hours during Mardi Gras. It will be such a pain for you if you’d be wearing heels all day. You also won’t be the best company as everyone would simply feel your discomfort and pain. To go all out with joy, leave your heels behind.

NOTE: You can of course wear heels if you’d be attending a Mardi Gras ball.

2. Safety Pins Will Be Your New Best Friend!

When partying in Mardi-Gras-style, you should always have a packet of safety pins with you. As Mardi Gras parties and parades can go wild, you’d never know what could happen next. Fashion accidents can happen here and there and nothing, absolutely nothing, can’t be saved by good old safety pins.

3. Don’t Sweat it! There is Always Hot Glue!

You need not be an expert seamstress or costume maker to enjoy making mardi gras outfits. You can easily hot glue your way to fun and fashion! You’d be surprised at how almost, if not all, Mardi Gras outfits that you’d see have the blessing of St. Hot Glue. You are not here to submit a fashion masterpiece, darling. You’re here to party!  So simply choose to relax! Hot glue is very easy to use. So if there’s anything that you want to do with your outfit and you don’t know how to sew it, hot glue it!

4. Fanny Packs are Back!

Yes, fanny packs are cool again. They’re perfect for Mardi Gras because of their unique functionality and spunky aesthetic. Fanny packs are fabulous and handy because they can go with any kind of outfit. They can also easily highlight all the right curves and assets of your body if placed properly. They’re simply the best bag option because you won’t have to carry them or put them on your shoulder. You simply let them hug your body and you’re set! With one, you’d have both of your hands free for drinks and hand-holding.

5. Crotch Holes are Fantastic!

This is an expert costume maker trick. If you want to enjoy Mardi Gras with no hassle whatsoever, fashion a costume with a crotch hole. A crotch hole is no different from nursing tops that allow for convenient breastfeeding. Crotch holes though will allow you to easily use the comfort room. And yes, you’re very much welcome.

6. Go Green With Biodegradable Glitter!

Mardi Gras partying is so much fun these days because of the availability of biodegradable glitter! Biodegradable glitter is fun because you’d get to easily sparkle minus all the guilt! With biodegradable glitter, you can go all out in making massive outlandish costumes without having to worry that you’re adding significant damage to the planet.


7. Necklace Strategy!

Do not wear a costume with a necklace. It will simply be excessive because you’d be partying and parading all day with people who will give you necklaces every single time they could. You’d have so many Mardi Gras necklaces with you, you’d even end up needing an extra bag for them. Wearing a necklace will also be tricky as you might end up losing them once you remove the chunk of necklaces that you will acquire within the day. To be on the safe and practical side, just skip on wearing a necklace.

8. Go Bright With Lights!

Go all out with your costume by using lights. Using lights is simply the easiest thing to do to bring your costume to the next level. What could be better than a beautiful Mardi Gras costume? A Mardi Gras costume that lights up! You would simply look grand, fun, and electric! Using lights would simply let you steal the show!

For easy customization, you can use fairy lights of different kinds. Using ones with a lithium battery is best if you want a light headdress.

Ellen Hollington

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