7 Tips For Dressing Appropriately For Work


While working in a professional environment, it’s essential to stick to the dress code. Your work uniforms play a critical role in your success nowadays.

If you don’t dress up correctly, you are not accepted and welcomed by your boss and colleagues. They will subconsciously think about how you dress up. Your appearance can either make your break your reputation in the workplace.

In the modern workplace, casual wear is being popular so more its challenging to figure out the rules of appearance. Here are 7 important tips that will help you rule with your work wear.

Know the Dress Code

Every organisation has its own rules and etiquette of dressing; some promote casual dress while some require a suit. If the company you work for has a dress code, learn all the dos and don’ts and follow it.

Be prepared

Plan what are you going to wear tomorrow, a night before so that you can take time and decide. This will help you avoid early morning rush and stress. And save you from events like you are out of socks, your pants are in the wash, and you have to commit fashion crime because you don’t have extra minutes to think about what to wear.

Don’t wear strong perfume

Wearing solid perfume or cologne that can make your co-workers uncomfortable is a bad idea. Opt for something subtle that will eliminate the bad smell but doesn’t make you smell like a flower garden. Don’t use perfume that anyone else can smell.

Avoid ill-fitted clothing

If your clothes are too big or too small, you are going to feel uncomfortable all day long. The ill-fitted dress looks inappropriate; make sure whatever you wear fits you correctly. Also, avoid too open or too over the top clothes or do anything.

Comfortable and Appropriate shoes

The first thing to remember when it comes to shoes is the dress code of your office. The second thing is wearing clean and polished shoes with clean socks and also don’t go for bright coloured socks. Avoid wearing uncomfortable shoes, and if you have hazardous work, safety work boots are a must.

Avoid Accessories that make noise

Avoid wearing accessories with too many charms that distracts you and your co-workers. Ensure your accessories don’t jingle and go well with your workwear. A classy watch can be the number one accessory for your work look, for women, a bracelet would work.

Be cautious with colour choice

Rich colours portray your authority, and darker shades leave stronger impressions than lighter ones. Neon and flashy clothes can be distracting but if you love neon’s, know how to ace the hi vis jacket.

There are a lot of other rules for work appropriate dressing but don’t lose yourself in the rules. There are a few rules that you cannot break, but they can be modified. Whatever the dress code is, give your touch and see the magic. Life is too short to wear boring clothes, show your styling skills and kill them with your workwear.

About the author

Christian Taylor, is a fashion stylist and because of his passion for fashion, he also serves as a communication assistant at BAD workwear –leading workwear manufactures in Australia.

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