7 Tips To Choose Prom Dresses Correctly

Sometimes we have a very significant and special event to attend, like our prom party, but sadly we do not know what to wear or where to look for prom dresses.

We bring you some tips to take into account and that will make you look like a celebrity in your prom party. To start with them you can find many options in Jovani Prom dresses collection. From all those beautiful dresses we will help you with some advices to pick the one that will make you look spectacular and glamorous.

Tip 1:

Dressing formally does not mean to stop looking sexy, since we can use different dresses that will make you look feminine, elegant and sexy at the same time. Keep in mind that you can wear prom dresses above the knee, but choosing a more formal attire.

Tip 2:

You can use different colors; do not be afraid of wearing a light dress or very dark color. Remember that the accessories can determine the touch of elegance you want to add to your final outfit.

Tip 3:

If the dress code of the prom party is black tie, the prom dress must be a long dress. This does not mean you can not use necklines and lace, this style can make you look super sexy but without leaving the code aside. What you have to consider is that the model and the fabric are of high quality.

Do not pick the traditional long dress without any attractive detail that will only make you look as if you were going to a simple meeting and you will not achieve the goal of the super look you want everyone to see.

Tip 4:

For this season the colors for prom dresses will be those of baroque, silver and gold. You can take advantage of this variety of colors to choose the dress that best goes with you and the one you feel confident using.

You can use glitters in the makeup and accessories. Remember not to look too overloaded because many times we abuse these beautiful implements and end up looking the way we did not intend to.

Tip 5:

If the prom party you are going to is outdoors or during winter season do not forget to bring an elegant coat or jacket that follows the same style of the dress you are wearing. But be careful do not let the coat take away the prominence of your dress.

Some women prefer to use pashminas or shawls, but you can also use a super fine sweater not to lose the elegance. Another option is to wear a bolero, an elegant coat that makes a nice contrast with the prom dress that you wear

Tip 6:

About shoes, try to always wear high heels to make your look more stylized and elegant. When we wear long dresses the best option for shoes is always high heels, if you are not a big fan of them try to look for a design that is comfortable for you so you can enjoy the party as well.

Tip 7:

The hairstyle is always recommended to be tied so that your prom dress will be noticed. Remember that the traditional straight ponytail is the last of the season and also the bows that have never gone out of fashion for these prom parties.

We assure you that if you follow these tips, you will the best dressed of the prom party.

Ellen Hollington

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