7 Style Of Glitter Shoes You Can Not Miss

7 Style Of Glitter Shoes You Can Not Miss

Glitter shoes have taken the style scene by storm. They shine as bright as jewels and include a trendy taste or even the most casual looks. But if you are not sure how to pull off these sweet Glitter Heels, you are not alone.

Here are some of the best style of Glitter shoes you cannot miss:

Avoid A Sparkle Overload

You do not want to look all shiny by wearing an all-sparkly look and finishing off with glitter shoes and Retro Clothing!  A lot of embellishments make your look so loud and heavy. And cheap!

 Boost The Shine With Minimal Jewelry

We want the glitter shoes to stand out what excellent way is there that wearing that sweet thin necklace than that chunky one you have? Believe me, minimal jewelry will also make your look costly.

Tone Down The Glitz With Natural Makeup

Girl! Make up will kill you look if you get it bad! Valentine is a season to look all charming but I remind you, stay away from too much bold makeup if you want your glitter shoes and Grunge Clothing to stand out.

Believe me, a no-makeup makeup look will perform it for you. You can just get some more gloss on your lips or perhaps a red lip shade if you cannot stay away from color.

Bring Along Glamorous Bag

You do not want to have the bad shoulder bag you got from the store to a Valentines date. I mean, now you want to kill you sweet glitter vibe with some ugly bag?

I suggest you to get the sweet purse that actually matches the luxurious vibe of your glitter shoes.

Make Sure Your Toe Nails And Feet Are As Sweet

Glitter Shoes

Who lied to you that women’s with long then legs have it all?

With best toe nails that are polished and rightly filed, your open glitter shoes and Mommy And Me Outfits will thank you forever.

Silver Glitter Heels With White Outfits

Sliver glitter heels go amazing with all-white outfits. Think a blazer, white lace shirt, and loose fit pants for stylish elegance.

For an edgier look, wear silver sparkly heels with leather mini-skirt and black shirt. Or, opt for a black and white printed sheath dress.

Sequined Jackets With Glitter Shoes

But what if you have purchased a sequined jacket, too? Does that mean the glittery boots fun must stop? Not at all!

Pulling of a sequined jacket with a glitter heels just needs toning down the rest of your dress. For evening, go for an all-black look.

Ellen Hollington

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