7 Cakes That Will Transport You Back to Your Childhood Days

Cakes form an important part of our childhood. Sometimes even the smallest things like a conversation about an old classmate, the graduation party or even the first time you went out to the bakery to buy a cake can bring a lot of memories. Cakes have always been the mood lifter in our monotonous lives. Whether it was your birthday, the farewell party or even the anniversary of one of your relatives, there was one thing you looked forward to and that was “CAKE.”

It is time for you to get those cakes from the old times back into your life. Check the list of cakes that we have prepared and get yourself one to go back into the time when you were a kid:

  1. Black Forest Cake

This cake has been in memories of so many people that a day has been specified to it in the international calendar. 28th March is celebrated as International Black Forest cake Day. Unlike the variety of options available today, back in our childhood black forest cake used to be the favourite of all. No matter how many new flavours have evolved, black forest cake has always been the king.

  1. Pineapple Cake

Memories are best shared when people sit over a pineapple cake and discuss their life. It brings back the memory of picking the pieces of pineapple from the frosting and eating them separately. Most of the flavours have evolved but the pineapple cake still remains the same. Order yourself the pineapple cake and relive the memory of eating the piece of pineapple separately and secretly.

  1. Butterscotch Cake

If black forest cake is the king of the cakes from your childhood, then this beauty is no less than a queen. One of the best best memories of anyone’s childhood is the butterscotch cake. It is creamy, buttery, soft filled with butterscotch cream and crunchy caramel.

  1. Vanilla Cake

Vanilla cake is one of those cakes that you must have tried baking in your oven or even your pressure cooker at-least once. It is the lightest and amongst the most loved flavours to savour. If you have someone coming over for food or even if you are visiting an old friend sometime soon, buy a vanilla cake and talk to them about the good times you have had when you were a child and they will surely relate.

  1. Lemon Cake

A Lemon cake has the perfect amount of sweetness to brighten up your day. It is fluffy, tangy, sweet- all at the same time. It is made with lemon zest and some fresh lime juice. Topped with some fresh lime glaze this cake will take you back to the memory lane when you had your first cake at a coffee shop with your parents or at the nearest grocery store. Get yourself a lemon cake and fill your life with some sweet and tangy memories.

  1. Strawberry Cake

Strawberry cakes are usually made with some strawberry mixed in the batter or crushed strawberry fillings in the layers of the cake. Sometimes, the cake is topped with fresh strawberries. Even if you have not had strawberry cake in your childhood, the taste of the cake will fill your thoughts with the first time you had strawberries in your life.

7.Chocolate Cake

If you want to relive the childhood homemade birthday cake memories, chocolate cake is your thing. The frosting of chocolate on top of the fluffy cake will have you take out your cricket bat and call your childhood friends for a game of street cricket followed by a piece of chocolate cake. If you have been a chocolate fan all your childhood, you should definitely get a chocolate cake for yourself.

Cakes can not only sweeten your tongue but also memories. Walk down the memory lane of those special occasions from your childhood by getting one of the cakes from the list above. Bon Appétit!

Ellen Hollington

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