6 Ultra Refreshing Drinks For The Summer Weddings Of 2019!

Winter or summer or rain! No matter the season, weddings in India are a never-ending affair. Especially in the year 2019 where it is said to be the most favourable time in terms of the number of auspicious dates. But the best time to enjoy any wedding to its fullest is during the winter season. Be it in wearing exquisite ensemble, jewelry or enjoying delish cuisine.

But it is not certainly possible to plan all the weddings during the winter season only! So what to do? Well, this is where smart menu planning comes into play. To beat the summer heat, top wedding planners in Delhi are including thirst quenching and drool-worthy alcoholic drinks to the menu. And just for you, we have compiled a list of 6 punchilicious drinks which will keep your wedding guests cool and a little crazy this wedding season.

  1. Jamun & Gin: Just hearing the name of this fruit (also referred black plum) brings childhood memories. Taking the little sweet and little sour taste a notch higher is some crushed ice with a shot of gin. Trust us, the cool, tangy and refreshing taste of this drink will win the hearts of all the wedding guests!
  2. Lemon, Mint & Gin: Yes, it is that simple! An easy to make a summery cocktail which requires only five ingredients which are gin, lemon slices, mint leaves, sugar syrup, and crushed ice. This drink is a super duper hit with ladies owing to its sweeter and less bitter taste.
  3. Irish Coffeeholic Shake: Hey coffee lovers, cold coffee is not the only option for you guys. Just one more ingredient and it will push the cold coffee game out of the ballpark. The magical item is Baileys Irish Cream liqueur. The wedding guests will be surprised with the alcoholic kick it will give to the coffee. And yes, do not forget to add a little scoop of vanilla ice cream to make it a tempting dessert cocktail.
  4. Sugarcane Mojito: Taking the international classic mojito and giving it a desi twist with the sugarcane juice, it will surely become a hot favorite of all the wedding guests. You can top it up with white rum or vodka depending upon the preference. Guests will go crazy on tasting the tangy and sweet taste of sugarcane mojito.
  5. Mango Malibu Lassi: Summers and lassi is the best combination! We can’t thank Punjab enough for sharing this oh so sweet and refreshing drink with us. Traditionally, a lassi is made of plain curd which is sweetened by sugar and chilled with ice. But recently people started giving this sweet delight a fruity flavor and alcoholic punch by adding mango pulp along with Malibu coconut liqueur. It is the quintessential choice for daytime summer functions to beat the heat.
  6. Thanda Khus: Vetiver grass (or as locally called khus) has been used in India since ages as a homemade drink to help the body fight off the heatwaves during summer. Traditionally it is consumed as khus sharbat but you can spike this drink with some vodka or gin along with lime juice. A pro tip, we highly recommend serving this alcoholic sharbat as slush i.e. filled up crushed ice. For guests who do not consume alcohol, it can be easily served without vodka or gin, simply as a mocktail.

These were our six sinfully delicious drinks to beat the heat and quench your thirst at the summer weddings. Now all you need is a vendor to set up a bar counter at the functions and to search for him, you simply need to visit Shaadidukaan.com. It is India’s leading online wedding market where you can search and book any type of wedding vendor from the comfort of home.

Ellen Hollington

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