6 Ultimate Make-up Tips for Beginners

6 Ultimate Make-up Tips for Beginners

Make-up is an art, not everyone is capable of bringing out the absolute beauty with it, especially when it comes to new insta-trendy make-up looks every day.

A lot of us seem to be pretty good at it, just like the beauty experts- the make-up artists. It seems to be a kind of magic in these people’s hands as to how easily and amazingly they excel in the perfect make-up. Even in these pro-people, there are some who lack some expert knowledge, including the quality of lashes and glue they should use. For them, one could check one of the best 3d silk lashes for the best quality and mesmerizing lashes. Furthermore, a few of the best quality products will also be suggested following this.

On the other hand, there are some beginners who always keep seeking certain tips and tricks to excel in this field. This is the guide you have all been looking for. 6 make-up tips for beginners:

Clean your Face:

Your make-up needs to be applied on fresh bare skin to show its real beauty. Make sure you wash your face, exfoliate, and moisturize before beginning. For acne-free skin, make sure you keep following your skincare routine. Keep yourself hydrated for smooth and soft skin and you are good to go!

Do the Eye Make-Up Follow by the Face Make-Up?

Eye make-up is the easiest mess-free step if you do it with concentration. Application of stuff like the liner for sure can mess up the look if you don’t be precautious but even so, you still do not have to stress about the powder falling out on your cheeks and stuff like that. Hence, bring this process into practice.

Careful with the Base:

Never overdo the base. Always have in mind how the base is just the beginning and there is a lot coming in the way. Make sure to have an even and non-over done foundation.

Choose the Right Brushes:

Study the brushes, their quality, and memorize what each brush is used for. Even as beginners, you might have a little knowledge about the different round and sharp-edged brushes for the foundation and highlighter, respectively. Brushes made of fine quality with soft bristles that do not feel ragged should be chosen. It’s your skin and face, take care of the materials you are choosing.


Boys and girls, do get a brief notice of this tip. Don’t ever let your blusher deteriorate your make-up! Overdone blushers steal the thunder of your beautiful make-up with those splendid eyes and lip shade. Make sure the blusher makes you look like you are blushing rather than making your skin look fried!

Lip Shade:

Choose the right lip shade. It might sound a little absurd to the beginners and newbies but just as little as lipstick is, it can put a huge impact on your look. Make sure you choose the right shade for the theme of your dress and the rest of the face. A dark shade can give you a bold look whereas a baby pink shade will give a kiddush, cute, and sweet look.

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