6 Signs Your Long-Distance Relationship Is Destined To Fail


You probably know about plenty of long-distance relationships success stories. Couples who lived happily ever after together despite spending a huge chunk of their dating time far apart.  But what many people fail to talk about is the long-distance relationships that do not work out.  Yes! Some relationships end in a break up rather than wedding bells.

That’s Ok. Relationships have their lows and highs whether you live together or miles apart and it is normal.  Being the most difficult kind of relationship, you need to be fully aware of your progress if things are to turn out the way you expect.  Here are good predictors that your long-distance relationship is doomed to fail sooner or later.

No Sweeter Gestures And Romantic Surprises

Think about the last time you received or sent a romantic surprise to your other half. Is it too long ago for you to remember?  Of course, you may be fond of web chats and phone calls but a little icing on the cake goes a long way in any relationship.  You want to keep the fire burning in your long-distance relationship and sending your lover cute happy snaps or flowers once in a while can do the trick.

If you feel your long-distance partner is not giving you as many gifts as before, make an effort to ask and get clarifications. No one wants to be a partner who jumps to conclusions without getting the facts right.  In case your partner cannot offer a genuine reason, be sure to take is a clear sign that your long-distance relationship is about to sink.

Less And Less Intimacy

Truth be told; intimacy is a vital part of any relationship. You may be miles apart but making things all the hotter is still possible thanks to what technology has to offer. Nowadays, you can use webcams to turn one another on while in bed despite the distance.  For most people, the first thought that comes to mind is of cam girls in free mature cams sites. There is no essence of taking this route if you find it uncomfortable since the idea is to feel each other’s presence.

If you were fond of engaging in phone or webcam sex but stop suddenly without talking about it, this may be a clear sign that your relationship lacks chemistry and passion. Never take less intimacy lightly as it can mean your LDR is about to hit a dead end. Rather than waiting till the bomb explodes, run for your heels and start your love life again.

Longer Lag Time Between Communications

Everyone in a long-distance relationship dreads those occasions when you feel like communication is getting harder and connecting over the phone is more of a struggle. It happens at times but it won’t take long before both of you get back to your way of having conversations.

But if you find the lag time between chats and texts is getting longer, chances are your partner is losing interest in the relationship. Alternatively, your long-distance lover may have found someone she connects with way better than you.  Sticking to such a relationship can never do you any good no matter how long you keep waiting.

You Feel Miserable

There are times when you feel that there is no shoulder to cry on or get unhappy yet you’re in a relationship. Or maybe you want to get hold of your long-distance partner when on a video call, but you just can’t. Even though you may not admit it, this is what most couples who live far apart have to make do with.

Any kind of relationship that makes you feel miserable is not worth holding on to. Keep in mind getting into a relationship is all about enjoying the feeling of love, comfort, support, and trust for the rest of your life. If the person you love the most only adds to your misery, then it is not a healthy relationship.

No More Future Plans


A long-distance relationship is all about dreaming and scheming together in anticipation of a brighter future. If you and your partner do not have any future arrangements be it travel plans or plan on relocating soon to be together, then there is no need to confine yourself in the exclusive relationship.

Every healthy relationship ends up with wedding bells. If you find yourself in a situation where there is no vision you share for your future, it is time for alarm bells to go off. Confining yourself in the relationship with the hope that you can wake up feelings again is of no use. In short, it is time to call it quits if the relationship does not have any future direction.

You Overthink Every Situation Of Your Relationship

Does your long-distance relationship make you feel happy and secure? Or maybe all your thoughts about the relationship are negative? Overthinking every aspect of your long-distance relationship is a clear sign that it is heading for the rocks sooner or later. We understand every person has a bad day once or twice in a while, but having ill thoughts every time is a big red flag. If your relationship is only causing stress and depression, it is better to move on before it takes tolls on your mental health.

The Bottom Line

We all hope that the long-distance relationship ends up successfully, but the harsh truth is that things may not end up your way. Be wary of these and other signs in your relationship, and try to make everything better before it gets out of hand.  The good news is there are so many ways to spice up your relationship and make it exciting once again. For instance, you can watch movies together, ply video games together, or even play drinking games on Skype. Remember, the little things you choose to do for your long-distance partner can work wonders in your relationship.

Ellen Hollington

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