5 Tips for Incorporating Fitness Into Your Busy Schedule

You want to stay in shape and keep yourself looking fit and healthy but it can sometimes be a challenge to juggle all of your work and social commitments and still find the right amount of time each week to work out.

One option would be to see if there is a Club Fitness in your area so that you can put your body through its paces in a motivational environment that is close to work or home, and there are also some other ways to incorporate a fitness regime into your hectic weekly timetable.

Here are some tips on how to keep in shape as part of your busy weekly schedule.

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Simple steps to fitness

Keeping fit is often all about getting into good exercise habits and a really easy way to get your heart rate up without taking time out of your schedule would be to walk whenever you can.

Parking the car a few blocks from the office and always taking the stairs rather than the elevator can help you to stay trim and burn some extra calories without getting in the way of your timetable.

Turn some chores into a workout routine

Part of your weekly routine will involve doing some boring but necessary household chores and regular tasks.

A good tip would be to create an exercise routine that involves most of these tasks, such as doing your sweeping and vacuuming quickly to keep on the move and even doing the dishes can burn some calories if you do some star jumps in between the washing and drying.

Get out and about at lunchtime

Far too many of us are guilty of not taking a proper lunch break and end up eating at our desk.

This is not a good habit for any number of reasons, especially when you consider that you might pile on a few calories if you are not burning off your food and getting some fresh air is good for your mental health as well as getting your circulation going.

Take your lunch to a local park and the walk will give you some good exercise without taking time out of your schedule.

Add an extra hour to your day

If you can be disciplined enough to set your alarm to an earlier time and get up an hour or so before you normally rise that could be a very productive strategy.

Doing a workout in the morning before you start the rest of your day will allow you to tick that exercise box and when something goes wrong with your schedule later on or you get a last-minute social invite, you can accept without fretting that you are behind with your workout goals for the week.

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Embrace fitness as a lifestyle choice

There are lots of ways to sneak in some calorie-burning mini-workouts throughout your busy week but if you are going to get the maximum benefit and keep in shape your goal should be to make fitness and exercise as something that fits easily into your lifestyle rather than being something you feel you have to make time for.

Aim to keep your workouts down to a tight time schedule and make the routine one that you can stick to without any disruption to the rest of your life and work plans.

Get your schedule right and you can enjoy a great work and life balance while keeping in shape and looking after yourself at the same time.

Ellen Hollington

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