5 Reasons Why You Need a Portable Hairbrush

5 Reasons Why You Need a Portable Hairbrush

You feel like you already carry a lot in your purse, how could you add one more thing, right? A full-size brush is too big, so instead, you carry a comb or nothing. You’re doing your hair a big disservice by not carrying a portable hairbrush

They are helpful, light, and can even protect your hair. Check out the top five reasons you should carry one in your purse.

Detangle your Hair

Everyone’s hair gets tangled throughout the day. Just walking around outside or running errands creates tangles. If you leave tangles untouched they need to even worse tangles, hair breakage, and split ends.

Carrying a portable brush in your purse allows you to detangle your hair throughout the day. It takes just seconds to run the brush through the ends of your hair, but it delivers long-lasting results.

We recommend brushing your hair at least 3 to 4 times a day. When you do it often, it takes only seconds to do it and you save yourself the pain of getting through tough tangles.

Keep your Hairstyle

You spend a lot of time on your hair in the morning, you deserve to have the style stay. Even with hairspray and other styling products, no hairstyle stays perfect. Carrying a brush with you allows you to fix the style, keeping it looking fresh all day.

A portable brush is small enough to keep in your purse and use discreetly whether you’re sitting at your desk at the office, leaving work, or sitting in your car in between errands.

Fix your Hair after the Gym

If you go right from the gym to the office or to run errands, you’ll need to fix your hair. Whether you shower or not, you should still brush out your hair and fix it. If you wear it in a ponytail to work out and now want it down, you’ll need to brush it out.

Even if you put it back up in a ponytail, brushing out those tangles and redistributing the oils in your scalp will keep you looking fresh rather than like you just came out of the gym.

Brush your Kids’ Hair

Little kids run around all day long, tangling their hair and getting messy. Sometimes you just want them to look presentable or you want to get rid of the tangles for them. Brushing their hair several times a day for a few quick seconds is a lot easier than dealing with a lot of tangles and tears when you try to brush it at the end of the night.

Keep a portable brush in your purse or diaper bag so you always have one handy to get rid of those tangles and make nighttime grooming much easier.

It Travels Well

If you feel like you take everything but the kitchen sink with you when you’re traveling, anything you can do to lighten the load helps. A portable brush is great not only because it takes up less room, but because it’s easy enough to keep in your purse or carry-on. 

After your long flight and possibly a nap on the plane, you’ll need to fix up your hair. Having a brush handy makes it easy to freshen up before you even step off the plane. No one will ever know you were asleep.

Don’t Leave Home Without a Portable Hairbrush

Every woman needs a portable brush with them, whether you have short or long hair. The right brush will be gentle on your hair, but get the tangles out when you need it the most. You’ll always look and feel your best, and bonus points if the brush has a mirror so you can give yourself that boost of confidence, knowing that you do look your best.

Get the portable hairbrush that does double duty, protecting your hair, making it look good, and providing you with a peek at yourself while you’re on the go.

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