5 Outdated Beauty Products to Get Rid of

5 Outdated Beauty Products to Get Rid of

When it comes to our personal beauty routines, many of us prefer to stick to products that we know and love. Once we find a shampoo or facial cleanser that works, we’re hesitant to switch things up in the pursuit of something better. After all, why mess with a good thing?

But even if you aren’t a stickler for beauty trends, there are plenty of reasons to swap your old, outdated beauty products for the latest generation of lipsticks, shampoos and cleansers. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and a demand for clean ingredients, the beauty industry has changed rapidly within the last few years. The latest generation of beauty products works better, lasts longer and doesn’t jeopardize your health (or the health of our planet, for that matter).

So, which beauty products should be given the boot? Below, we’ve rounded up five outdated beauty products to nix from your routine — plus, the beauty products that should take their place.

Drugstore Shampoo

Did you know that many drugstore shampoos shrink their ingredients label on purpose because they don’t want you to look too closely at their questionable ingredients? We don’t know about you, but that’s not a strong vote of confidence in our book. The reality is that most drugstore shampoos contain harsh detergents or surfactants that strip your hair’s natural oils and make your strands feel dry and unhealthy. Not to mention, almost all liquid shampoos come in a plastic bottle that ends up in a landfill.

Replace with: All-Natural Shampoo Bar

Rather than waste your money on ineffective shampoos from the drugstore, lather up with a shampoo bar made from plant-based ingredients. Unlike their liquid counterparts, solid shampoo bars are highly concentrated with nourishing ingredients that are good for your hair and often come entirely package-free, which we all know is better for the environment. For extra-healthy locks, pair it with a hydrating conditioner bar.

Conventional Lipstick

Any product that goes on or near your mouth deserves a little extra scrutiny, and lipsticks are no exception. Back in 2007, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics performed a study (aptly called “A Poison Kiss”) and detected a concerning amount of lead in 60 percent of the 33 lipsticks tested.

And that’s not all. Many conventional lipsticks also contain a slew of harmful ingredients, including petrochemicals, which are toxic to humans and the environment. One of the biggest health concerns has to do with ethoxylated ingredients, a class of petroleum-derived ingredients that generate small amounts of 1,4-dioxane — a known human carcinogen.


Replace with: A Clean Lip Crayon

Thankfully, many brands have been trying to get away from petrochemicals in cosmetics by debuting products that champion “clean” ingredients that prioritize human and environmental health. Of these products is the humble lip crayon, a multipurpose lipstick that performs double-duty as lip liner. Whether you’re a fan of a classic red or want to go trendy with a ’90s shade of brown, there’s a clean lip crayon out there for everyone.

Liquid Cleansers

There are many amazing cleansers on the market, but most of them come in wasteful plastic bottles. These plastic bottles can take decades — maybe even centuries — to break down in a landfill and never really disappear.

Besides, liquid cleansers can be inconvenient at times, especially if you’re a frequent flyer. It can be hard to find a travel-sized version of your favorite cleanser, and with checked baggage fees continuing to climb, getting your liquids through security checkpoints just isn’t worth the stress or hassle.

Replace with: Face Soap Bars

Many people were raised to believe that bar soap is bad for their face. But you know what else is bad for your face? Preservatives, artificial fragrances and other sensitizers that are commonly found in liquid cleansers. If you’re hesitant to switch to face soap bars, know that the latest generation of bar soaps have done away with oil-stripping ingredients and now feature super-hydrating ingredients that offer a gentler cleanse. Face soap bars are also package-free, TSA-friendly and easy on your wallet.

Face Wipes

There are several reasons why you should wave goodbye to your favorite face wipes. For starters, they’re a scourge on the environment. Single-use makeup wipes usually end up in a landfill because they’re made from polyester, polypropylene and other non-biodegradable ingredients. As if that weren’t bad enough, they also contain strong, drying chemicals that strip your skin’s natural oils and cause inflammation.

Replace with: Reusable Makeup Wipes

Reusable makeup wipes are an easy way to make your beauty routine more eco-friendly while also saving money. Many brands have come out with washable cotton rounds, microfiber cloths and makeup remover pads that make taking off your makeup a cinch. Just wipe the makeup off with your makeup pad, throw it in the laundry and reuse it again and again.

Plastic Loofah

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that colorful, plastic poof you have hanging up in your shower isn’t good for the environment. Not only are plastic loofahs made from air-polluting fossil fuels, but they also shed microplastics that make their way down our shower drains and into the ocean. On top of all that, they’re supposed to be tossed in the trash after only two months. Talk about a waste!

Replace with: Sisal Soap Bag

You don’t really need an additional product to exfoliate your body — your skin does a great job sloughing off skin cells all on its own! That said, maybe you enjoy the occasional scrub in the shower and love how soft it makes your skin feel afterward. If you want to make your weekly exfoliation more eco-friendly, opt for a soap bag made from naturally derived sisal. These sustainable soap bags extend the lifespan of your soap and double as a gentle exfoliator for your skin. Best of all, they can be composted at the end of their lifespan so you can enjoy a guilt-free scrub.

Ellen Hollington

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