5 Of The Hottest Accessories For Summer 2020

5 Of The Hottest Accessories For Summer 2020

We aren’t that far away from May, when the sunny days begin, and if you don’t want to be a fashion also-ran, here are a few accessories you simply must acquire.

  1. Bucket Bags – Bold colours and a range of sizes, 2020 bucket bags are practical and can hold your devices, charging cables, make-up and whatever else you need when out and about. Both Louis Vuitton and Chanel do a range of these amazing bags, but beware of imitations, which won’t stand the test of time. Faux leather is also an alternative, or perhaps suede or even a nice print.
  2. Printed Scarves – Perfect for those spring evenings, be in-vogue with Victoria Ragna scarves, which can be found on her website. Great for every occasion and draped over the elbows really does give you some serious colour to break up your outfit. Silk and cashmere are the best fabrics for scarves and when Victoria launches a new range, she always hits the spot. Online shopping not only saves you money, you get to view a wider range of products and when you find what you’re looking for, proceed to checkout and a secure online payment sees the items shipped. Shawls are also popular, especially with costume jewellery and a gypsy style dress, and if you want to see some examples, check out Pinterest, where you can view hundreds of fashion images to inspire.
  3. Strappy Sandals – A hit in 2019, strappy sandals are still popular among the casual women who love the comfort and freedom, plus they are ideal for the beach, as you can sling them over your shoulder, or better still, knot the straps into your belt on one side. These are perfect if you are the casual girl who wants to make a statement, and any shade of brown will look good against your skin tone.
  4. Statement Necklaces – Chunky is still as hot as ever and a large chunky silver necklace is the ideal accessory for many daytime outfits. Oversized chain chokers were spotted in Milan and Paris this Spring, so take a look at the online boutique, who is bound to have a selection of outrageously big necklaces.
  5. The Soft Clutch Bag – Pastel colours and soft fabrics are perfect for the soft clutch bag, so expect to see many at beach parties and other social get-togethers. The clutch bag had adequate space for your device and with a snazzy inside pocket, your purse is in a safe place, which is an essential when out and about.

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Now is the time to start thinking about the coming summer, and any of the above items will complement your look in many ways. Don’t be afraid to mix and match (that’s how the pros do it) and you’ll find yourself stumbling on the perfect look after 30 minutes in front of the mirror, and always remember there’s savings to be had when you shop online.

Ellen Hollington

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