5 Most Popular Bikini Styles in San Diego

5 Most Popular Bikini Styles in San Diego

San Diego is known for its beautiful beaches and perfect year-long weather. Which means every season is bikini season in this amazing city. Unfortunately, many find bikinis confusing as there are so many styles to choose from, and they are self-conscious they may choose a style that doesn’t fit their body type.

So In this article, we will break down the five most popular San Diego bikinis and why you should consider adding them to your beachwear wardrobe.

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Triangle Bikini Tops

This bikini top is ideal for those who want to avoid tan lines when out in the sun. It should be paired with a Brazil bottom if you are trying to avoid tan lines with both pieces. Another benefit that fans of these San Diego bikinis constantly tout is their ability to adjust the triangles to reveal more or less skin.

The triangle bikini may not be ideal for all bust size, as it doesn’t offer much support. So if you are sporting a larger chest, the triangle bikini top may not be right for you.

Underwire Bikini Tops

The underwire bikini style works for a broad range of chest sizes but is especially beneficial for those with larger bust sizes. If you want a bikini top that can provide a more shapely and even look, then we recommend choosing the underwire bikini top. The underwire top’s ability to provide more definition has made it a very popular bikini top for the fashion-conscious.

Additionally, the underwire bikini top provides extra support if you are planning to engage in physical activity while wearing the bikini. An underwire bikini is a popular option for women who enjoy playing volleyball or long distance swimm9ing at the beach or pool.

Bandeau Bikini Tops

The bandeau bikini top is perfect for those who plan on wearing dresses at night and want no tan lines on their shoulders. If you are proud of your collarbone and shoulder and want to shop it off, then this is the San Diego bikini top. You can get a bandeau bikini top with underwire support if you have a larger chest and need more support. Otherwise, we recommend choosing one with no wire.

The simplicity of the bandeau bikini top makes it perfect to pair with a bikini bottom that stands out, such as the tie-side Brazilian bikini bottom.

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Tie Side Bottoms

One of the reasons the tie-side bikini bottom is so ubiquitous with bikini styles is that the bottoms can be adjusted to the size of your body. Allowing you more customization in how the bottom fits depending on the activities you will be doing at the beach or pool. If you are simply going to be lying in the sun, you can adjust the ties to be more loose-fitting and comfortable. If you are going in the water, you will likely want the bottoms to be tighter.

Monokini One Piece

The one-piece swimsuit has become one of the most popular San Diego Bikinis. Contrary to popular belief, many have found the one-piece bikini to be more fashionable than a two-piece. Additionally, the monokini one piece allows one to be more active at the beach, so if you plan on playing volleyball or running by the shoreline, the one piece might be right for you.

San Diego Bikinis Can Be The Ultimate Fashion Statement

With the San Diego bikinis styles listed above, you should be able to construct the ultimate fashion statement the next time you go to the beach. Finding the right bikini allows you to be comfortable and stylish without feeling self-conscious. We recommend you experiment with different styles until you find the right one.

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