5 Jobs in the Gambling Industry You May Not Have Considered

5 Jobs in the Gambling Industry You May Not Have Considered

If you want a career that is both exciting and rewarding while also being part of an expanding industry, the casino industry is a good bet. The gaming industry is extremely diverse, with job opportunities ranging from working the casino floor to developing video games.

Casinos have become extremely profitable businesses in recent years, owing to the growing popularity of both land-based casinos and entertainment complexes, as well as online gambling. Online gambling was the most profitable sector of the gambling industry in the United Kingdom in 2016, with a revenue of £4.5 billion. During the same year, Paddy Power Betfair predicted an 18% increase in revenue, while Ladbrokes Coral predicted a 20% increase in revenue. Profits for Evolution Gaming, a provider of live casino software, increased to £36.16 million after revenue increased by nearly three-fifths.

New online casinos are constantly appearing in various parts of the internet, and game developers are always looking for new faces to add to their rosters. Young casinos are always on the lookout for web developers, support staff, client managers, and public relations professionals, whereas game studios are always on the lookout for artists, software developers, and testers.

The Following Are Some Jobs In The Casino Industry That You May Not Have Considered


  • Approximately $20,000 per year in potential earnings
  • There are no requirements.

The games at which a casino dealer works necessitate an acute and comprehensive understanding of those games. This includes not only the rules of the game, but also the minimum and maximum bets, payouts, and side bet rules. Casino games are governed by the rules established by each state, but individual gaming establishments may have their own set of rules.

Some casinos, for example, will allow patrons to play as many hands of blackjack as they want at the same time, whereas others will limit the number of hands that can be played simultaneously to two, and only if the minimum bet is doubled. A dealer is responsible for knowing the rules of the game as well as the odds of winning in a variety of different scenarios, and she must be able to communicate this information to casino customers of varying levels of expertise. A casino dealer is also in charge of overseeing the game to ensure that no one is taking unfair advantage of the system. Some casinos also train their dealers on how to recognize the signs of a gambling addiction, and if they do, the casino will make various resources available to assist the player in question.

Although some casinos require their dealers to have completed specific training courses, those who already have an interest in casino gambling are more likely to become skilled dealers. Dealers on the casino floor are in charge of operating the tables and must present themselves professionally.

This role can be stressful at times because the dealer is responsible for the smooth operation of the game, dealing with customers, and paying out winners all at the same time. Because most casinos allow dealers to receive tips, which can supplement their pay, a salary is only the starting point for dealers. Dealers can advance to manage multiple tables, becoming a manager or ‘pit boss’ so the starting salary is only the beginning.

Designer of Video Games

  • Potential Salary: $50,000 or More Per Year
  • Accredited College or University Degree

Video game designers are required in a variety of roles throughout the game development process. Within the realm of video game design, there are numerous job titles, each with its own set of responsibilities. However, in general, video game designers are in charge of one or more of the following tasks:

  • Consider some new game concepts that will appeal to a broader demographic.
  • Using a storyboard, outline the overall experience of playing the game as well as the game’s concept.
  • Create various characters and storylines based on the game’s storyboard.
  • Create the program code required for a game to run.
  • The code must be documented, and any problems or bugs must be addressed.
  • Collaborate with the developers and other members of their team to ensure that there are no errors or problems at any stage of the process.
  • Attend any issues raised in player feedback about the game.
  • Make any necessary updates or bug fixes to ensure that the game continues to work properly.

Game designers specialize in creating new products for bingo, slot machines, and table games. The process of creating a video game usually begins with a concept designer. A concept designer is a skilled individual who investigates, designs, and develops the game’s overall concept and aesthetic.

Following that, Java programmers and artists will work together to put the game’s components together to create the finished product. A developer’s starting salary is typically around $25,000, but a lead developer’s salary can be twice as high.


  • Wage potential: between 15,000 and 20,000 USD per year
  • SIA Certification is required.

Security guards are an essential component of any land-based casino, and they also play an important role at the locations of other types of gambling industry establishments. The job entails keeping a close eye on what’s going on in the casino, both for the sake of patron safety and the security of the massive amounts of money and chips that circulate throughout the establishment. Security guards must have a badge issued by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) or a comparable license to perform their duties. Security guard responsibilities may also include operating CCTV equipment and transporting money.

Engineer in Quality Assurance

  • Potential Salary: $35,000 USD or More Per Year
  • Qualifications include the following: Bachelor’s Degree Completion

A qualification is not required to start working as a quality assurance tester; however, any experience in statistics, coding, or analysis will help you advance your career. The job entails testing the casino software under various conditions, taking detailed notes, and ensuring that everything works properly regardless of the circumstances. Work can be monotonous, but it can also be rewarding, especially at higher levels where engineers are given more freedom to develop their own testing strategies.

CRM Supervisor

  • Compensation: $60,000 or more per year is possible.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from an accredited institution is required.

This position begins on the ground floor with basic customer management and progresses to the position of head of CRM (customer relationship management). A CRM manager can get their start in the industry as a VIP customer support agent, where they would handle complaints from VIPs or contact them to offer deals and rewards. This position entails getting to know customers, planning activities, locating special offers (such as holidays and free gifts), and sourcing special offers.

Employment opportunities in the casino industry include those for statisticians, bartenders, artists, and accountants, all of which have the potential to bring about personal and professional fulfillment.

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