5 Essential Features of Women’s Shoes

5 Essential Features of Women’s Shoes

Are you a woman looking for a new pair of shoes? The global women’s footwear market is valued at over AUD196 billion, according to Statista. While selecting shoes among the different feminine footwear on the market, the options can make it very challenging to determine which pair is right for your particular wants and needs. Whether the shoes are for work, home, or recreation, it’s important to select the right women’s shoes to get the best results. Here are some factors you need to consider when choosing women’s shoes.


When selecting shoes, this is one of the most important factors. For example, you can find Australian retailers that have been offering footwear for over a century. Such companies are ideal over startup companies, for example.

You can get various benefits from well-established retailers and brands. They include quality, selection, and support. These are all important factors that affect your overall customer experience. You’re more likely to have a negative experience by selecting a startup company, for example.

Today, many consumers aren’t just looking for low prices. It’s important to find women’s footwear companies that offer both affordable prices and good customer service.


It is a crucial factor when selecting a new pair of shoes. The history of these styles can be quite fascinating. Historically, high-heeled shoes were worn by men. Meanwhile, the first sandals were made of bark and date back 10,900 years in Oregon, United States.

One of the main factors to consider when purchasing a particular shoe style is the function. For example, sandals are quite popular in Australia since 85% of the population lives within 60 kilometres from a seashore, according to Travellers. This shoe style is significantly more casual than others like high-heels and more practical for situations like weekends at home or casual events.

It’s important to learn about some variances among these general shoe styles. You can find different sandal styles, including wedge and square toe. While the general style is the same for these sandals, the slight difference makes them ideal based on your wants and needs.


This is another key factor to weigh when selecting shoes for women. Some of the most common materials include leather and canvas. The differences are related to factors like aesthetics, texture, care, and so on. For example, leather is a durable material but requires more upkeep than canvas.


When selecting a shoe colour, you have several options. It’s important to learn about some basics like primary, secondary, and neutral colours. For example, one of the benefits of neutral colours like beige is they easily match up with all colours and prints of tops and bottoms. This makes it easier to create the perfect outfit.

Meanwhile, you can also select other colours like navy and green. You can pair these colours with tops, bottoms, and other accessories. There are also different shades like dark blue (navy) or light blue (baby blue). This provides more versatility when making outfits.

Wittner at Westfield Geelong


If you are shopping for high-quality footwear, you should be willing to pay somewhat more than at a flea market, for example. However, you can still find many quality sandals under-AUD200 price range, for example.

It is critical to consider the price point for shoes and the overall quality you are getting.

There are many issues to consider when selecting women’s shoes, including the retailer, material, and colour. All these issues can help women select footwear with the right form and function.

Ellen Hollington

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