4 Things Vietnamese Women Want To Hear In A Relationship

When you are dating Asian girls and you have been in the company of Vietnamese women for a couple of months or a longer period of time, you may have realised by now that it is your small gestures and what you say to them which means the most in their lives. While planning of dates in an elaborate way can make a good impression on your woman, but it is those simple little comments of yours that can mean everything to Vietnam women.

Romantic dinners, a bouquet of roses or discreet love notes are loved by dates on a dating site but these are not really the things that are needed by women. These romantic moments and gifts may be nice at the outset, but they have to be treated as just the icing on the cake. Women have a tendency to be touched and moved by things that are non-tangible. For example, they will be more interested, in the long run, in how their men feel, and how they can connect to their hearts. Women desire trust, integrity and security.

Several therapists have given guidance on what makes women tick and what it is that they want to hear in a relationship.

Here are tips on 4 things every woman wants to hear in a relationship.

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  • “I adore you not for your outer beauty but I love you for the way you are with your inner beauty”. Deep inside, every woman desires her man to acknowledge that she is not only beautiful but good at heart. She wants to know that she is not only just beautiful to look at but that she is worthy and valuable to be pursued in a relationship. She wants her man to understand her personality and her character. It is an important thing in Vietnam dating and the woman feels very happy when she gets a feeling that her man really knows her.
  • Vietnemese women desire that their boyfriends remain honest with them when they say anything and when communicating their feelings that involve boundaries and expectations. Men have to take a lead through honest communication with their beautiful Vietnam partners. This will help them to guard their women’s hearts. For example, you may something like this – “You may hand most paintings crooked but for me, you’re still damn cute.” This is a flip-side comment but an honest one. You can safely feel free to jab playfully at her, even if you are mentioning any missteps of your partner. This is considered as an unconditional but positive regard when men show their partners their flaws in a realistic way but show them that it does not matter at all because they love them, anyway.
  • Vietnamese babes will feel comfortable when you go out with them and not be interested in other beautiful girls when you meet them or pass them by. For example, you can say to them, “My eyes do not get enough of you; I don’t have time to look at others as I am not interested in giving anyone else a second look.” This will make mature Vietnamese women feel that they can trust their men and that they have eyes “only for these women”. They do not want to feel paranoid or worry about whether their men are still interested in others. The trust factor is usually a non-negotiable one.
  • A Vietnamese hot girl always wants to connect with her man’s heart. She wants her man to appreciate her sincere efforts. A phrase like “Thank you so much for helping me take care of that problem; I don’t know what I would have done without you” will go a long way in making your woman connect to your heart. You have to tell these young Vietnamese girls that you appreciate how they help you take care of little things. Gratitude will make them feel closer to you.

Ellen Hollington

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