4 Major Things to Consider Before Buying a Pair of Women’s Wedding Shoes

4 Major Things to Consider Before Buying a Pair of Women’s Wedding Shoes

Wedding Day is perhaps one of the most important days in anyone’s life. As it is a momentous day, one’s fashion choices matter a lot. From the wedding dress to wedding shoes, everything needs to be perfect for the big romantic day. Every bride should feel like she owns the day. She deserves to be pampered and feel like a princess. A perfect pair of shoes can help her look just like one, but there are a few things to consider for choosing the perfect pair of shoes.

1. Season

Seasons play a super important role in determining what kind of footwear works best. If the wedding is in December, one can not wear open-toed stilettos or pumps. Likewise, one can feel more comfortable in sandals, strappy heels, or even wedges in summer or spring. Depending on how fashionable one is, they can choose shoes that fit the best with their dress depending upon the season.

2. Location

The location of the venue also plays a significant role in choosing which pair to buy. If it’s an outdoor wedding, it is impossible to wear a pair of high heels, especially if the surface is uneven or grassy. Many people plan beautiful outdoor weddings but forget one central aspect, the wedding aisle. In many beach weddings or outback weddings, when the bride decides to wear heels anyway, the sand gets flicked onto the dress. In the case of outbacks or outdoors, it is the usual dirt. The bride also has a chance of falling and injuring herself due to the uneven surfaces. Many brides prefer to carry two pairs of footwear, one for the ceremony and one while attending to other matters or people.

3. Comfort

The phrase ‘beauty is pain’ should not apply to the bride on her big day. Her wedding shoes should be as comfortable as possible. If she cannot rock a pair of high heels, that is completely okay! There are many other styles to choose from.

4. Styles

Shoes come in different styles, flats, sandals, wedges, sneakers, and boots (Yes! Boots!)

Women’s Wedding Shoes

Flats: As the name suggests, they have no heel and are known to be a staple in many women’s footwear collections. While these are usually considered casual and simple, many stores offer flats specially designed for the big day. They come in beautiful designs that can add on and make a bride look elegant and beautiful. For anyone who cannot walk down the aisle wearing high heels, flats are the best option. Additionally, the bride won’t need to change into something else, making it a cost and time-efficient option.

Wedges: They are an excellent option when the bride wants the effect of high heels but does not want to risk her dress getting caught in her shoes (which often happens with stilettos). Since the heel is uniform and not pointed, it makes for a comfortable fit, and one can wear it for long hours without any inconvenience.

Stilettos: Contrary to what many people think, stilettos need not be five inches tall or more. The name just refers to the pointy style of the heel. Stilettos give the outfit an elegant and beautiful look, and most brides prefer this option. They come in different styles and colours too!

Boots and Sneakers: They are not a popular option but are the most comfortable ones along with flats. Many brides with outdoor weddings prefer boots over heels for comfort and convenience and for making a fashion statement.

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