10 Uncommon Gifts For Birthday for Your Geek Friend

10 Uncommon Gifts For Birthday for Your Geek Friend

Do you know what’s the best part of being an adult? You get to decide your own gifts for birthday. But if you’re at a loss for what to give a geeky friend who’s hard to buy for, don’t fret.

Get Your Hands on These 10 Uncommon Gifts for Him or Her:

Murder Mystery Puzzle Book

Do you think your friend has what it takes to be a detective? Aha! Use this puzzle book to test him. He’ll probably get addicted and will never stop reading it.

This gift set will help him write his own murder mystery story. The book comes with the 80 pieces of a puzzle board that he will need to put together. Then, once he’s done, he can continue writing his story.

Memo Lamp

This is a fantastic surprise gift for your geek friend who loves to hang out in the dark or just wants an aesthetic light inside his room.

Exclusive Birthday Gifts That You Can Present

The memo lamp has probably the coolest functions ever. It’s a magnetic memo board that lights up when you wave your hand over it. The light also gets brighter and dimmer, depending on how you wave it. You can stick anything on this lamp, from a personalized message to photos, notes, and drawings.

Personalized Nerd T-Shirt

There’s nothing a geek can’t do wearing his t-shirt, right? We’ve got you covered on that one.


You can get him this personalized 90% cotton t-shirt with “Nerd” printed across it. He will love it for sure. It’s not expensive either, so this is an ideal gift box set to get him on his birthday.

Flashlight w/ Solar Battery Charger

Gone are the days when you had to depend on the flashlight. Instead, you can use a solar-powered flashlight with USB charging now.

This is an ideal gift box for your friend who loves hiking and camping. If he doesn’t have one, it’s time to show him how cool it is. This gift will also come in handy in case of emergency, so keep that in mind too!

Clever Keychain Tool Set

Nerds are always on the go with their smartphones. So keep his phone organized and safe with this keychain toolset.

It has all the essentials: a mini screwdriver, a bottle opener, and a wrench. Don’t be surprised if your friend starts carrying this around everywhere he goes. He’ll definitely become hands-on once he starts using it!

Beefy Socks

Socks are an easy and inexpensive birthday gift you can get for your friends. If he’s a geek, get him beefy socks he can never go wrong with.

These socks come with a zipper on the bottom so he won’t have to struggle to take them off. Those who love walking or running will also love these little things as they keep the legs warm during cold weather.

Shaving Kit

Can’t think of a gift for your friend? A shaving kit is always a good idea.

Geeks love to wear the latest fashion, and most of them have a well-groomed look. If he’s one of those, who cares about his appearance and shaves every day, order the shaving kit for him and have it delivered right through his doorstep. It comes with all that he needs when it comes to his shaving needs: The razor, a case, extra blade, brush for brush, and cufflinks. He’ll surely love it!

USB Wristband Fan

If your friend goes to the gym just about every day, a wristband fan is the best present you can give him.

This is a mini USB-powered fan that you can plug into your computer or laptop. It’s also detachable, which means that he can remove it whenever he wants to. He’ll surely love it and will probably wear it everywhere he goes.

Youtube Remote Control

Talk about something unusual! If your friend is a Youtube fanatic, this is an awesome gift for him.

It’s a remote with which you can control the Youtube TV. It allows you to control your favorite videos and also gives you access to all other channels. There’s not much to expect when it comes to how it looks, but it gets the job done right!

Mini Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If your friend is a clean freak, he’ll go crazy over this robot vacuum cleaner. It’s one of the best birthday gift box to give a clean freak friend.

This tiny robotic vacuum cleaner is designed with high-performance sensors to help it detect obstacles in the house. Its ultra-compact design also makes it easy for it to navigate through small spaces. He’ll probably love this birthday surprise as it comes in handy when cleaning up after a messy roommate or sibling.

The idea of giving birthday gifts is quite tricky because you have to make sure that what you give him will suit his lifestyle, taste, and personality. After all, we don’t want our best friends to ditch us just because the present wasn’t exactly what they wanted.

Feel free to browse around and check out other options we gathered in this list of birthday gift ideas for your geek friend. We hope to help you find the perfect present for your nerdy pal! Good luck!

Ellen Hollington

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