10 Reasons Why Dating Websites Work!

10 Reasons Why Dating Websites Work

If you are like me or like anybody else on this planet, then you probably have considered the positives and negatives of using dating websites and dating apps. The most common question you maybe ask yourself is, do dating websites or dating apps work? The answer is, you bet your ass they do. In fact, dating websites have been around for a long, long time. And before the days and technology of the Internet, there were dating meet-ups, speed dating, and other lovemaking matchups. But now, in today’s digital age, the dating scene has entered the Internet phenomena. Dating websites have gotten so advanced and immersed into the individual’s everyday life, that there are not just limited to the casual hookup or quick fling. That’s right, you can even find some top dating sites for marriage. That is one clear example of the success of dating websites. But if that’s not a good enough reason why dating websites work, then here are 10 reasons why websites work.

#10- Large Pool of Users

When it comes to the online world of dating apps, the more the merrier! When you use any of the most successful dating apps, you are bound to come across a large number of users. And a large number of users mean a higher potential of matches. Just try checking out one of the apps, and you are bound to spend hours going through the high amount of users in the app.

#9- They Help You Find Matches in Your Area

The best thing about dating websites or dating apps is that they work to help you find potential matches in your area. Some apps even let you adjust the distance to where you want the app to pick up on matches. It is features like this that increase the likelihood of you getting a match. You can be out at your local bar, open the app, and find the cute girl sitting across the room from you, and that could be one to get her number!

#8- You Choose Your Preferences

Dating websites work because they allow you to choose your own preferences, which helps in cutting through all the potential non-matches that don’t interest you. Choosing preferences that you like, for example, age and height, will narrow down your potential matches and zone in on the ones that are right for you!

#7- They Keep Adding Cool Extra Features

The beauty of dating platforms is they keep growing. They keep adding extra features to their platforms to get the user more involved and to get them to express themselves more. Now, more and more dating websites ask you to upload your music playlist and type in your favorite activities -for example- so that potential matches can learn more about you before they decide to potentially match with you or not.

#6- They Allow Room For Curiosity

Even they you type in a lot of your information onto dating websites, you don’t type in everything. This leaves room for curiosity for any potential match who might have an interest in you, but if they want to learn more, they have to match with you to find out!

#5- They Are Also a Texting Platform

Getting matched with someone isn’t the end of the story. That’s only the beginning. You still have to talk and meet the person. But some people might have buyer’s remorse after a match that would make them feel hesitant to give out their personal information like full name or phone number. This is why it’s a good thing dating apps allowing you to text and communicates on their platform before deciding to exchange phone numbers. That way you know whether or not the person you’ve matched with, is someone who is right for you.

#4- They Mimic Social Media Platforms

Really, dating apps and websites in today’s day and age took the success of social media platforms and ran with it. Both services and platforms provide similar user interfaces, features, experiences, and interactions. If you think about it, social media websites are just the friend zone for dating apps!

#3- You Can Pay for Bonus Features

If you’re having a hard time finding a match even after all this time, then a lot of dating apps or websites allow for bonus features like boosting your profile to reach more matches or buying an infinite amount of matches. There are other features that you can opt to pay for, depending on the dating website.

#2- Some Dating Websites Are Free to Use

Some dating websites are free to use meaning you can search for potential matches without paying for a subscription or membership. Of course, you will only enjoy the most basic features of this website but then again the point is to find a match, which is still very possible even without a premium package or full-time membership.

#1- The Odds Are in Your Favor!

In the end, given the number of possible matches, the availability of the website or the app, the low entry cost to use, if you add all those things up, then the odds are in your favor. Literally, all that you need to do is hop on one of the apps and give it a go.

Try It Out

So what are you waiting for? Choose one of the many dating websites out there, and try it out! If you don’t like the experience they provide, then hop onto another one. You don’t stand to lose anything, but stand to gain everything!

Ellen Hollington

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