10 Ideas To Make Your Upcoming Boho Wedding Extra Special


Planning a wedding can be a daunting task especially if neither of you has been in planning a wedding for a friend or a family member. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people rely on professional wedding planners to save time, resources and avoid any frustrations. When planning a boho wedding, you will have to choose the décor. Whether you want to buy a boho chic wedding dress or rent it.  I’m a big fan of Pronovias wedding dresses, they are not just elegant and very stylish but they are also very affordable and very durable.

Bottom line, you want to make your wedding memorable for you and fun for your guests. Here are some ideas you should consider:

I. Themes

Every wedding should have a specific theme depending on the couple’s budget, preference and culture. Some of the themes you can use in a boho wedding include:

  • Peace and love – this is an ideal theme if you are looking to play the ‘60s music and jams in an event to have a cool peaceful wedding. You can even get a retro Volkswagen van as the getaway car to blend with the theme.
  • Boho chic – your wedding location can be a private home, church, restaurant, bar, club or any other venue of your choice. A boho chic wedding dress can be a great attire for this theme.
  • Bucolic hipster – for couples who love nature, farm, and animals, this can be a great theme. You can use a bale of hays as seats, have the groomsmen wear khakis, suspenders, and chambray while the mains can have sundresses and cowboy boots.

Beachside bliss – there are affordable beach weddings that you can plan with ease if you are looking for such a theme.


II. Location

Both the couple and the guests should feel at ease with the wedding location. You can choose a place that’s special to both of you, such as a forest camp, a music festival, a family farm, etc. The main idea here is to skip the formal venues.

III. Photography

You should consider hiring a fine art wedding photographer to capture lovely pictures. DIY or inexperienced photographers will do the job haphazardly thus ruining the moment of a lifetime with family and friends. Invest in a good wedding photographer and you won’t be frustrated in the long run.

IV. Wedding invitations

Your bohemian wedding invitations should be naturally inspired at all times. Here are some of the options you can choose from: flowers, earthly tones or feathers.

V. The ceremony

You should consider personalizing your ceremony by writing your own vows, hire a small band, and have a mutual friend officiate the wedding or even have poetry readings. Remember, the ceremony should be short but it should have enough personal details to relate with guests and family members.

VI. Reception

Having your reception and the ceremony in the same location makes it easy for wedding guests to move from one place to another. Therefore, if you are planning to have your wedding in a field, a rustic barn can be used for dinner and dancing. Alternatively, if your exchange vows are done at an Oceanside, a romantic beach restaurant that’s close can be a good reception.

VII. Lighting

Instead of having the traditional tea light candles, you can have lanterns, a fire pit or twinkly string lights in your wedding to create unforgettable boho vibes.

VIII. Florals

It is important to consider having a natural vibe with florals. For instance, you can have the table centerpieces and bouquets in asymmetrical. The flower should be relaxed because you are looking forward to having a boho theme. Baby’s breath, Eucalyptus sprigs, whimsical Lavender and sunflowers can be some of the choices you can have in your wedding.


IX. Foods and drinks

During cocktail hour, a signature drink or a scotch bar can be a great choice. At dinner, you can try pig roast, grilled cheese bites, mini pot pies, sliders or tacos. These choices are affordable and easy to prepare especially if you have hired experienced chefs.


X. Music

Finally, music is a key component of a bohemian wedding whether you are hiring a live band or having a playlist of favorite musicians. Since the music will set the tone as well as the mood of your wedding, you can have a low key string quartet at cocktail hour and during the ceremony. However, during reception time, more upbeat music is recommended.

Ellen Hollington

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