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How to Style Your Maxi Dress with Shoes, Makeup, and More

How to Style Your Maxi Dress with Shoes, Makeup, and More

Maxi dresses are a summer must-have, being easy to style, flattering and available in numerous styles. Maxi dresses are suitable for both casual and formal events and to add an elegant touch, accessorize with the right accessories or follow my tips in the following article.


Shoes can add a touch of polish and confidence to your maxi dress, whether you’re wearing it for a casual or formal event. There is an extensive selection of styles and materials that will look great with this garment.

When wearing a maxi dress, there are various shoe options that go with it; ankle boots, combat boots, tall boots, wedges, flat sandals, heeled sandals, ballet flats and pumps come to mind. But remember – certain occasions require certain footwear so make sure that the one you select matches the occasion perfectly.

Heels are usually the ideal choice for formal events. Not only do they add height to your outfit, but they also look elegant and classy which is why they’re the most popular shoes for maxi dress wearers. Platforms are another trendy style that’s ideal for summer parties or special occasions; you can pair them with a variety of dresses.

Heels look great with shorter maxi dresses, but won’t do justice to a longer one. To elongate your legs, opt for boots or stilettos instead. For a more casual style, pair your ensemble with sandals or sneakers as this will keep your ensemble simple and comfortable for day outings or first dates.

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Another option is to wear a fitted black blazer with your maxi dress. A fitted black blazer looks great with any floral print or solid color ensemble and you can even accessorize with a belt for an even more polished aesthetic.

Dress up your ensemble for special occasions by pairing it with a leather jacket or trench coat. Not only does this give off an elegant vibe, but it will keep you warm or cold nights too! For added impact, consider wearing statement jewelry to complete the ensemble.

Wearing a shawl can create an effortlessly casual look. Not only will it keep you warm and add texture to your outfit, but it will also highlight your silhouette and make you appear slimmer.

Finally, you can also style your ensemble with a cardigan. A long cardigan will help elongate your silhouette and can be worn alongside the ensemble to create an asymmetrical column effect.


When wearing a maxi dress, it can be difficult to determine what accessories go with it. If you want your ensemble to stand out, try adding some jewelry pieces or belts for extra elegance.

When selecting jewelry for your maxi dress, the style, print and color should all be taken into consideration. For instance, you could dress up a black outfit with silver jewelry or opt for earrings that complement the floral pattern of your garment.

If you are attending formal events such as anniversary parties or weddings, you can add a touch of glamor to your ensemble by pairing it with the appropriate jewelry and accessories. For instance, pairing a floral-printed ensemble with rose gold jewelry will keep the style sophisticated and feminine.

Another tip to consider when styling a slanted neckline is what kind of jewelry can go with it. Long necklaces like these will fall on either side and create balance in your look by falling along either side of the slanted neckline.

Long necklaces can also be a great way to frame your face and draw attention to the front of your body. However, be sure not to go too far down with them; otherwise, your ensemble may appear awkward.

One of the simplest ways to style a strapless dress, specifically, is with statement earrings and necklace. Choose from delicate studs or elaborate chandelier earrings for an eye-catching look that goes perfectly with your outfit.

Strapless dresses look amazing with bib-style necklaces around the neck that reach to mid-chest. Additionally, try wearing a long necklace with an attractive pendant as an alternative option.

Necklace and earrings can be paired together, or you could opt for leaving your ears bare to show off your hair. Earrings are an ideal way to add drama to a strapless dress but make sure they don’t compete with any embellishments or detail on the garment.


As everyone knows, maxi dresses are a wardrobe must-have that can be styled for any special occasion – but accessories can be a nightmare. Whether attending a wedding, outdoor barbecue or vacation, these long and free-flowing garments will always look good on you, but may be difficult to style.

Selecting the perfect accessories to accompany your ensemble can make all the difference in how you appear. This includes jewelry and shoes (which we covered) but also bags and other things you may not have considered.

One option is to pick a color that will make your ensemble stand out, like red that you can easily accessorize with. This will add an instant splash of impact and sexiness to the ensemble. If you want to add some bling to your maxi dress, try wearing earrings or a necklace with vibrant colors. You could also try a ring featuring an eye-catching geometric design.

You can also select a pair of sandals to go with your maxi dress ( These are an ideal choice since they’re lightweight and will keep your feet cool. For a stylish twist on your outfit, why not select sandals featuring either buckles or straps? These will add an extra touch of flare and are ideal for summer beach days.

Finally, for an ultra-chic style statement with your maxi dress, consider pairing it with some high-heeled sandals. These will give you a glamorous appearance without sacrificing comfort. For a more casual style, pair your ensemble with some basic sneakers or flats. You could even add a leather jacket to create an upscale appearance.

Accessorizing your ensemble is the simplest way to add an eye-catching flair. For a more formal appearance, try wearing lace-up heels or metallic lace-up heels for an elegant touch. Alternatively, flat shoes could also be chosen if you’re wearing your fit for events or errands as they can be both formal and informal, depending on the cut.

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