Working Of The Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes or the smoke less cigarettes have taken away the market by a storm. These e-cigarettes are convenient to use as they don’t produce any smoke or does not need and fire or don’t produce ash. You can easily use them in all public places or even in the no smoking zones.

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With the convenience of use, electronic cigarettes are also not very harmful for you. It provides you the nicotine you need, without the harm of the tobacco and the smoke. E-cigarettes don’t contain any harmful chemicals, which are often used in regular cigarettes such as carbon monoxide, tobacco and tar.

Invention of electronic cigarettes:

The electronic cigarettes were first produced in the year 2003 in china, later that year it was introduced in the market; now they are available all over the world. Different manufactures produce electronic cigarettes with various names and with different styles or features.

How an electronic cigarettes work:

Unlike a regular cigarette, an electronic cigarette doesn’t need to be fired. In a regular cigarette when you fire it, the tobacco burns as a rest the nicotine gas is produced. While in the e-cigarettes the liquid which contain the nicotine is heated, as a result vapors are formed, and these vapors are inhaled by the person a LED indicator beams at the vaporizing of nicotine.

Parts of an e-cigarette:

The e-cigarette has three main parts:

  1. Rechargeable battery.
  2. A vaporization chamber.
  3. A liquid holding chamber.

The battery is used to power the device, it is attached with the second part which is the vaporizing chamber, this chamber consists of an electronic device known as the atomizer, and this device is responsible for the vapor formation.

For using the e cigarette you must activate the device and then attach the liquid holding chamber to the atomizer, the atomizer will heat the liquid and you produce the vapors, you can inhale the vapors by the help of the cartridge, which also works as a mouth piece.

Functioning of the electronic cigarette:

An e-cigarette works similarly like a regular cigarette, when you inhale the cigarette it activates the atomizer and as a result the vapors are produced, these vapors enter your lungs and fulfil its needs of nicotine and then the vapors are exhaled in the form of mist or smoke.

The liquid inside the container is a nicotine liquid which one can select according to their own preference; a non-nicotine liquid is also available in the market. There are various flavors of these liquid available too.


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