Why You Should Choose Farmers’ Markets Over Supermarkets

Shopping has changed a great deal through the ages. And with the advent of the supermarket, fruit and vegetables have never been easier to get our hands on all year round.

But while convenience is fantastic, is the quality of supermarket produce questionable – and should the lack of provenance worry us? After all, shipping foods in from the four corners of the Earth must take its toll on the product. Right?

It goes without saying that most farmers’ market fruit and vegetables are, on the whole, more fresh than those from supermarkets. This means that not only are you likely to get a better taste and longer shelf life, but your produce may also not be coated with the same treatments that are used to give the appearance of ripeness on supermarket fruit and vegetables.


Of course, not all farmers’ markets are the same, but opt for organic stalls and you can also avoid the pesticides, petroleum-based fertilizers and other chemical agents that are common in mass-produced groceries for supermarket chains.

But aren’t modern farmers’ markets overpriced and snobby?

It is true that since the days when a market stall was the only place to get your groceries, there has been a shift in the way that farmers’ markets function. And with a drop in revenues, many market stalls had to find a new niche – such as stocking only high-end organic produce or focusing on sourcing lesser known fruit and vegetables.

Despite this, there are still plenty of market stalls continuing to provide good quality local produce at reasonable prices . . . and with far more flavour than you can expect from the big chains. Not only do these stalls offer superior quality at a competitive price, the reality is that if more people supported their local traders they could make the process even more cost effective and offer provenance at the very best price.

The benefits of good quality fruit and vegetables are never more apparent than when eating produce raw. Cooking produce alongside other ingredients tends to hide or at least blend the flavours so that the poorer taste of supermarket fruit and veg is less evident. Eat raw, however, and any difference in flavour and nutrient level has nowhere to hide.

So, whether it’s eating crudités or making juicing part of your daily diet, farmers’ market groceries should become part of your weekly shopping regime. For help on choosing the right cold press juicer for you click here


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