Why is the kitchen the centre of our homes?

The kitchen table, a place to get together at the end of a busy day but is it more than just a piece of furniture?

When you think about it the 21st Century has brought with it electronic, WIFI enabled distractions. We are all guilty of this I am sure. How many of us get home eat our food, sit down watch tv and sit glued to our iPads, phones and tablets?

Kitchens have always traditionally been a place where the family sat down after a long day and had to time to find out what everyone had been up to that day and to just be a family even for just that hour.

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Then came TV, and as a society started to sit with a tray on our laps watching East Enders, add mobile phones to that and you’ve got a whole lot of silence and thumb tapping.

But thanks to celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver who has help many of us to get back in to the kitchen and cook proper food. It can all be done in as little as 15 minutes now, amazing or what?

Dining Tables are BACK!


EKCO a local kitchen company in Edinburgh said that more and ‘more people are designing their kitchens with the family room in mind.’ Dining room or kitchen tables are once again making their way back in to homes and taking centre stage in the kitchen.

And why wouldn’t we want to have our kitchen/dining room as a busy hive where all the family congregates and makes even more happy memories?

With more and more online retailers shipping globally the options for a dining table are almost endless, which means your table can also be a statement piece.

A mothers word

“We didn’t realize how much we’d missed not sitting together at meal times, even breakfast where before the family would dash out with a piece of toast or fruit we are now getting up and meeting in the kitchen to have breakfast together at least 4 times a week. Our home just feels well more homely!

We’ll never go back to how it was before we just wished we’d done it sooner” – Sue from Fife

If you’ve not tried it yet break the silence and get a table back in your life we promise you won’t regret it.


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