What to do when you have a mercury filling

It can be quite frightening when you realise that you have a mercury filling. Mercury is a known poison and toxin, and even in small amounts it can cause hearing loss, the loss of your sense of smell and taste, confusion, dizziness . . . and in large amounts, it can even kill you. This will be especially scary to those who have had their mercury filling for many years now. Thankfully, dentists and other scientists have now developed a type of filling that does not need to include any mercury whatsoever –but that still leaves you with a mercury filling. Or does it?

Dental flush - woman flossing teeth smiling

Dental practices are improving all of the time, and one of the great improvements that have been made in the world of dentistry is the safe removal of mercury fillings. Many feared that this would not be possible, because no one knew how to remove a filling without some large chunks of mercury coming off. Many believed that if these chunks of mercury were accidentally swallowed, then the patient could very easily develop mercury poisoning. However, recent research and development has come up with some ways that makes it perfectly possible for a good quality holistic dentist to safely remove the entire mercury filling without any danger to the patient at all.

If you have a mercury filling that you are concerned about, time is of the essence. The sooner you start to talk to your dentist about this, the better, because they will be able to start advising you on the best way to proceed. Before you know it, your dentist will have been able to remove your mercury filling, replace it with one that is totally safe, and you will definitely feel all the better for it.

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