What Kinds of Skin Tag Removal Products Exist?

Skin tags are fairly small, harmless and soft growths that form on the human skin. Skin tags are extremely common, and a person can have up to a hundred skin tags on their entire body. Skin tags usually form on areas of the body such as the eyelids, the neck, the area under the breasts, the upper chest, the folds of the groin and the armpits. It is believed that almost every single person develops a skin tag at some point in their life. While almost everyone develops skin tags, middle aged people who are quite large in size are more prone to developing skin tags than other people.


Skin tags are almost completely harmless. However, not many people are okay with having growths on their body, which is why they want any and all skin tags on their body removed. While there are many surgical treatments for skin tags, most people want to avoid the risk and cost of surgery by option to removing any and all skin tags that they have using OTC (Over the Counter) medical products. There are a number of different kinds of skin tag removal products in existence, and the following are two of the most effective ones:

Skin tag removal creams and ointments

The first, and perhaps the most effective, products that are capable of removing skin tags and are available over the counter are the average skin tag removal cream or ointment. Skin tag elimination creams are more than capable of helping a person get rid of any and all skin tags that might have formed on their body. However, it should definitely be noted that skin tag removal creams and skin tag removal ointments do not work immediately – they need to be applied to skin tags for a considerably long period of time in order for them to finally do what they are supposed to do and eliminate the skin tags.

Skin tag removal drugs

The alternative to skin tag removal creams and ointments are skin tag removal drugs that are available over the counter and do not need prescriptions to be bought. Skin tag removal drugs and medications usually come in the form of capsules or tablets and are to be ingested by the person who wants their skin tag(s) removed. The drugs inhibit the flow of blood to any and all skin tags on a person’s body, leading to their gradual removal.


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