What is Argan Oil?

Argan oil is extracted by the seeds of Argan nuts which are of a native tree from Morocco. In past aTamri goat which is too a native of Morocco have an ability to climb up the trees and feed upon this delight. While the seeds were left undigested the Moroccan men and women who specialize in preparing the Berber oil separate the seeds from the goat dung and were later to be pressed for obtaining oil and it’s was a traditional method carried over centuries by Berber women and natives of Morocco.

Now the Arade cosmetics are using this oil in very efficient way. They are producing amazing beauty products which comprises of all natural elements and provide best results. If you want to know more about their products then you can visit their website. A set up formed in 2002 with cooperative efforts done with the Berber women allowed companies to Specialized in the production of the Argan oil. The Argan trees hold a significance they are all preserved in natural ways and means. So they don’t get extinct and are kept away from pesticides and artificial fertilizers so the Natural process within trees is maintained, which is done to keep the Argan oil pure and natural.


Argan oil contains plenty of ingredients but 80% of it is fatty acid: Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9. All are good for keeping health and maintaining better cholesterol levels when taken as a diet. These fatty acids reduce acne, moisturize, and reduce inflammation. Tocopherol Vitamin E also plays its role when it protects the skin from harmful oxygenated molecules produced by body it which are damaging radicals furthermore its protects skin hair and nails too.


Argan oil can be considered as Vitamin E oil because that’s its key component. Even in one application you can see results when you apply it to respective parts such as skin, hair and nails. The vitamins and fatty acids are non greasy and non irritant making it a perfect match for your skin. Argan oil is usually offered at an affordable price. And, certified that it’s produced by all natural means in Morocco in traditional ways followed.  It’s packaged well just so that you may easily use it whenever you want. So try Aradé Argan Oil today, and see how much this amazing product can change you, and change the way you live your life.


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