Wedding nightmares: chipped teeth

There are many things that people worry about when they are planning to get married, and they are generally divided into two different groups: things you can do something about, and things that are totally out of your control. Whether your outfit fits and whether your shoes rub are usually in the first group, and the weather (sadly) comes into the latter! However, regardless of how much planning you put into your wedding, and how much thought you put into backups and alternatives, there is one thing that almost no one ever thinks about, and that is chipped teeth.

Chipped teeth can look really bad in wedding photographs, and if you have them then you may find that you automatically do not smile with your teeth showing. Chipped teeth are also a huge source of embarrassment for some people, and can really cause them to be shy and quiet. It would be a real shame for you to not be able to enjoy your wedding day because of something as small as a chipped tooth, and yet for many people that is just the reality of their situation.

tooth with a crack retro poster

But it does not have to be for you. A chipped tooth can be easily remedied if you go and see your dentist, and explain to them exactly what the problem is. There is a dental option called bonding, which simply means that your dentist can make up out of a chemical a small part that can be attached to your tooth – and it is specifically created to look exactly like a part of your tooth. Once this has been attached safely by your dentist, few people would be able to tell that part of your tooth is actually fake. Now you can go to your wedding with a real and genuine smile on your face.

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