Treatments For The Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

In 2006 Clinique, a cosmetics company, performed a study in which about 50% of women said that dark circles are a major problem for them and their image. But what is it that causes this so common issue?

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Common Causes

One of causes is damaged skin from constant rubbing. Not the most common in the list but certainly the most underrated since most people don’t even think twice about it.
The pigment under your skin is the most usual cause. As you age, your skin becomes thinner blood vessels may start to be painted in a dark blue shadow and reflect it on the surface. Large exposure to sunlight can cause skin wrinkles and make the situation worse.
Smoking, poor diet, alcohol consumption, or even an medical condition that you could not be aware of, can be the cause of these so called “panda eyes”.
Another reason to consider is allergy since some of them can cause reaction that lead to dark circles or simply puffy eyes. The list also includes the hormonal changes a woman’s body goes through while pregnant.


First of all, it’s never a bad idea to visit a doctor and let a professional give you his opinion.
Other than that, you can find creams with ingredients in them like niacinamide, a B-complex water-sulable vitamin. They can reduce the visibility of the dark circles under you skin.
Some old fashioned treatments include cold cucumber slices, kept over your closed eyes for about 15 minutes. Used tea bags chilled in a fridge are a common substitute for cucumbers and aloe has for hundreds of years, being used to refresh and rejuvenate the skin. And just like the above, used tea bags where also used in hopes of banishing the dark circles, because of the moisture stored within them that passes to the eye and and the skin. There are a lot of different choices for a treatment and all of them rely either on your trust to your doctor and the tenacity to go through the material by yourself. Remember, there are many different paths to tackle this problem, but you will only need a couple.

No matter what way you decide to treat it, you will definitely need something to cover it up until you are done with the treatment. For that job consider getting the best concealer for dark circles. Accompany it with an eye serum packed with antioxidants and vitamins.


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