Top 7 Tips for Planning Your Wedding Breakfast

When it comes to the special day, there is nothing more special than the wedding breakfast, particularly for your guests. An expertly planned, deliciously cooked and stunningly presented wedding breakfast is the highlight of the event. When you want to impress, take a look at these tips for creating a mouth-watering meal for everyone to enjoy.

  1. Pay Attention to the Layout of Your Venue


Make sure you understand the layout of the venue, for example at, so that you ensure everyone has enough space to eat. If you are having a sit-down, served meal then make sure that there is enough room for all the tables and for waiting staff to get round the tables. If you are hosting a buffet, make sure that the serving area is not cramped.

  1. Choose the Service Based on Your Budget

Choose whether the meal will be served or self-service or a mixture of half served and self-service, based on the budget you have available for the reception but also on your personality and style. Some people are uncomfortable with a fully served meal, while others love the special element of having food served direct to the plate.

  1. Match the Food to the Season and Your Theme

It may be traditional to serve a full cooked sit-down meal at a wedding reception but if you are getting married in the heat of the summer then it may make more sense to have a cold buffet. If your wedding is themed in any way then it is a good idea to match the food to the theme, for example serving a hog roast at a rustic-style wedding, or a decadent dessert at a glamorous reception.

  1. Does the Venue Offer Tastings?

Avoid any potentially unwelcome surprises by tasting the dishes before they are served on your wedding day. If you want to, try a few different dishes as sometimes the one that appears less appealing on the list can actually be the best option.

  1. Include a Kids’ Menu

If you are inviting young children to the wedding it is a good idea to have a kids’ choice or a kids’ menu for the meal. You could also include a set of toys at the children’s table to keep them occupied during the speeches.

  1. Keep Everything to Time

And make sure that people are not going hungry by providing canapés and snacks in between if people have not had lunch and are waiting for the wedding breakfast. Make sure that the meals are served on time – hungry guests are not happy guests.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Economise

Many people are sticking to tighter budgets for the food, including serving only one course at the main meal and then lots of finger food and canapés during the evening reception. You don’t need to fill people to the brim in order for them to be happy. A cheese board rather than a dessert is another good option as it gives people the chance to snack as well as fill up as they head into the evening.


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