Tips To Find A Good Toronto Couples Therapy Specialist

They say ‘Prevention is better than Cure’, well if you are facing problems in your relationship then you must sort it out now before it goes out of hand. It is not always easy to sustain a healthy, joyful and solid relationship with your partner and there is no shame in finding some help to help with a Toronto couples therapy specialist you deal with your problems.


Irrespective of where you stand as a couple, finding a great therapist in Toronto is the key. Hence we have put together a few things that you need to look into before you choose from the large number of licensed therapists in Toronto.

  • Check for Referrals
  • You will find several Toronto therapists online but it is better if you could ask someone you know to suggest a therapist for you. This way you know who you are dealing with and if the therapist is any good at all.
  • Check with your family doctor or maybe friends and family who can direct you to a good therapist.
  • Check out your potential candidates
  • Every other therapist says that he/she has worked with couples. Well, that is not what qualifies them to be a couples therapist. You need to seek out licensed therapists in Toronto who have been trained and educated specifically to resolve the issues in couples dynamics and interpersonal relationships.
  • Find out if the therapists that you are checking out have at least 30% of their patients coming in for couples therapy. Also find out if they will accept your insurance. If not figure out how much will you be paying at the end of the week.
  • Shop Around
  • It is completely fine for you to meet some of the therapists in Toronto before you figure out whom will you be sticking to. Choose your therapist only if both you as well as your partner are comfortable with the person.
  • A common question that gets thrown around in this regard is ‘how will I know if the practitioner is good for me?’ It is important to feel connected to your therapist, enough to open up about your problems. You also need to feel that the therapist is responding to both of you equally. A partial therapist can only lead to more problems.
  • Find out if the therapist has enough experience
  • The reason why people go to therapists with their problems instead of simply talking to their friend is because of the experience that the therapist has in this field. Try to locate a therapist who has sufficient experience in dealing with the kind of problems that you are facing.

Irrespective of what therapist you end up choosing, always makes sure that you do not hurry into conclusions. Therapy is a process and it will take more than just a couple of sessions to solve all of the problems that you are facing. So be patient and tackle one issue at a time to build a stronger relationship with your partner.


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