Tips for Picking Baptism Clothing for the Whole Family

Baptism is one of the most important events in a baby’s life. For this reason, you need to be at your best during the ceremony, especially in your dressing. Dressing for the occasion is not rocket science. Here are some tips.



Baptism calls for fancier clothing than you would normally put on. You should, therefore, invest in a pretty skirt, dress or pick one of the fancy pieces you currently own. Remember to be a bit conservative in your dressing. You do not want to show up like you were attending a barbecue party.

Unlike a wedding, a baptism has no rules for the colors you can wear. You are also unlikely to match the baby unless you dress in all white. You are free to pick a color and pattern of your choice.

As a rule, you should avoid wearing clothes that show too much skin. Avoid low cut necklines and clothes that show off your bare shoulders. If you are wearing a skirt, make sure it’s not too short. Ideally it should reach below your knees. You should also avoid flip flops, sneakers, and jeans.

Avoid putting on heels that are too high as they can be uncomfortable to walk and stand in. Pick low heel shoes that won’t strain your back as you go through the motions of the baptism.  You should also consider the weather.

If the baptism is taking place inside the church, make sure to carry something warm. Churches can get quite chilly especially during winter. Carry a sweater or a wrap. Make sure to match whatever you carry with your outfit. Showing up in open-toed slingbacks when it’s snowing is ridiculous.

Men’s Attire

You can opt for a suit or sport coat as they are both stylish and comfortable. If you are not too sure about the dress code at the event, you can never go wrong with a suit.  If you’re not too keen on the suit, you can wear a nice shirt and pair it up with stylish slacks.

While a tie is a great accessory for a baptism, you should not feel obliged to go with dull colors. Light colors can work wonders on your outfit. Go for fun patterns that match your outfit’s theme to pull off a laid back but stylish look. Avoid ties with a cartoon characters or overly colorful ones.

A stylish outfit is not complete without the right kind of shoe. The number one rule when picking a pair of shoes for a baptism ceremony is to steer clear of sneakers. Pick a pair that complements the rest of your outfit. Make sure to buff them to give them some shine.

If there is an after party after the baptism ceremony, you should bring along a change of clothes. This is especially so if you wore a suit to the ceremony. Bring along something a bit more comfortable – khaki pants and a polo shirt would do just fine.

Kids’ Attire

It is natural for kids to want to wear their favorite Mickey Mouse top, but this won’t work for a baptism ceremony. As a rule, girls should go with floral patterns and bright colors. Boys, on the other hand, can wear a collared shirt and a pair of khakis. Take time to shop around for baptism clothing for boys and girls, and you can get a host of stylish, tasteful items.

While the dress code is important, you should also keep comfort in mind. Kids can get fidgety when they are uncomfortable. This means you won’t have a moment’s rest during the whole ceremony as you will be trying to keep them from making a ruckus.  Whatever clothing items you pick should be loose fitting and comfortable.  You can let your kids take part in the clothing selection process. They’ll be happier, and so will you.

The key to picking shoes for your kid should be comfort. If you insist on having them wear shoes that can get uncomfortable, carry a second pair with you. They can change whenever they feel overwhelmed.


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