Three Things You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Say Or Do In Front Of Your Massage Therapist

Massages. Some people love them and some people hate them. And there are plenty of people out there who could hugely benefit from seeing a massage therapist but are too shy or embarrassed at the idea of paying to be pampered – even if their need for treatment is strictly health related.


It’s true that having a massage can be seen as an intimate thing and making the shift from having a loved one’s hands on you to an absolute stranger can feel odd. But give it a go and we think you’ll quickly realize that massage can be a relaxing and truly invigorating experience. Like everything else in life: the more you do it the more comfortable you become, too.

To get you started on massage therapy etiquette, here are three things you shouldn’t be afraid to say or do in front of your therapist:

  • Take off your clothes

How far you go in removing your garments is down to you, of course. Any therapist worth their Epsom salts will tell you that you’ll get more out of your treatment if you are able to relax and not feel self conscious. You will have a towel draped over you during treatment in most cases, so taking off all your clothes – especially if you need attention on glute muscles or IT band can be tricky if you are wearing big pants.

  • Explain what you need

The simple truth is that if you get the very best treatment you are more likely to go back and see a massage therapist again. Never feel like you can’t explain what it is you are looking for from your treatment and where your problem areas are. If you’ve got a tight lower back that causes problems day in and day out, tell your therapist. He or she can then tailor the session to best suit your needs. Trust us, at Mullum Sari Health Retreat we much prefer to get the best results than have you stay quiet altogether.

  • Ask for the music to be changed

Not keen on the nature music being played? Pan pipes not your thing? Chances are that your therapist has heard the same music 50 times that day already, so if you want the record changing or turning off, you’re unlikely to hear any complaints.


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