The Fashion For Larger Rugs

Fashions in flooring come and go and the trend for stripped wooden floors and laminates is still very much with us. This doesn’t suit every lifestyle, however and in fact can be a little chilly and unwelcoming if taken to excess; you really do need a little comfort underfoot in certain places in the home, such as the bedroom and living room. Large rugs can do the job beautifully and if you like the clean sweep and spacious feel that wooden floors can give but also want something a little more luxurious, then you can really transform a room this way. Large rugs come in every shape, colour and texture and you can choose just what you want to give the look you are after.


Filling the space with texture

If your colour scheme is tied to the wooden tones of your laminate floor, you have a choice of what to do next when choosing your large rug. You can either opt for a splash of colour to give depth and definition to the floor, drawing the eye immediately on entering the room or you can choose a texture instead, but keeping to the tones of the existing surface. Texture is a great way of adding interest to a room without changing the focal point of, say, soft furnishings or curtains and large rugs come in a variety of interesting finishes that can do this easily. Natural wool lends itself to a large rug as the space gives plenty of scope for the lie of the nap, but there are also shiny finishes which can really come into their own after dark, with some low lighting from table lamps.

A splash of colour

If you want your large rug to be the star of the show, choosing an accent colour to really dominate the room is one way to do this. If your décor is generally quite bland, choosing a bright rug in a clear primary colour would look fabulous or you could take the opportunity to add a pattern if there isn’t too much already going on as regards cushions and curtains. It is important when introducing a large rug into a room to make sure it isn’t going to make the finished look too ‘busy’ – if you already have a lot of patterns in the space, go for plain colours.

Tie the look together

A large rug is a great way to stop a room looking bitty. Furniture can look a little uncoordinated on a large expanse of wooden floor, but place a large rug in the centre, allowing some furniture to rest on it and you immediately bring the whole together. The large rug makes a link between all the parts of the room and this is a quick way to make everything more restful; having bits and pieces scattered about with no real ‘centre’ can make a room rather stressful to be in, even though you may not consciously realise it. This is particularly true of bedrooms and you could be pleasantly surprised at how much better you sleep just by bringing a large rug into your décor.


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