The Different Elements For Your Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitation are a very serious matter, planning out a perfect wedding invitation card is not a very easy process, there are so many things that you have to consider and look at. If you will not plan out the invitation very carefully, you will without knowing, damage your whole wedding reception. Therefore if you are planning to arrange a happy and fun wedding which all your guest and you would enjoy than it’s important to focus on the wedding cards too.

Wedding invitation cards or the kad jemputan kahwin do have several elements or components. Adding these components is a matter of choice, but adding these little components will make your wedding card look prettier and better. If you are also planning your invitation cards (kad kahwin) than here are few components that you must consider adding into your invitation card.

Save the date card:

It is essential to send out a card which says when the event is and where the event is. Save the date card can help you inform your guest about the time of the wedding. Sending out these cards will help them mark the dates and will also help them plan out there traveling and all. Therefore you must send these out way before the actual wedding, so that your guests get the time to prepare for the wedding.

The actual invitation:

There are basically two invitations, one for the day and on for the evening. These are the most important element basically as they inform your guest about the wedding. These cards will have all the possible details of the wedding such as where it will be held, what time the ceremony would start what will be served in the dinner etc.


RSVP or in simple words the response card is another must have element for your wedding invitation. These cards will help the bride and groom to know who will be attending their wedding and who will not be, so that they would make arrangements accordingly.

The order of the service:

To make your guest feel evolved into the wedding, you can add another card into the invitation. This card will have the details of the services that will be conducted on your wedding. The card will also have details about who will be doing what and if there is some tradition of the groom and bride which the guests need to be informed than this card can do that for you too.


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