The Cleaning Tool Of The Age – Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The revolution in gadgets helping men achieve their tasks and much more has always been leaning towards robotics and artificial intelligence. With the advancement of technology, gadgets are becoming lesser and lesser dependent on the quality and the quantity of the human input that has to be put in order for them to be able to function properly. This type of inventions only point to the lifestyle changes that have been taking place among urban working people. There is so little time for everyday affairs that housekeeping is one thing that they cannot afford to do. Robot vacuum cleaners have come of age to cater to their needs.


The origin of robotic vacuum cleaners

Robotic vacuum cleaners are hardly in the need of any kind of guidance whatsoever. All they need is a pair of batteries to fuel them and while the homeowner can relax and unroll, the cleaner does its job of cleaning the house thoroughly with little help. The technology for developing robotic vacuum cleaners had its origins in an artificial intelligence technology that was developed by NASA much before for unmanned vehicles that could collect samples from outer space. The principles of movement existing in those vehicles are somewhat similar to robotic vacuum cleaners as well and therefore, robotic vacuum cleaners can be  traced as a direct descendent of the previous technology.

Robotic vacuum cleaners have not only removed and minimalized the dependency upon human input, they can also prove to perform at a par with traditional vacuum cleaners which is a certainly a big achievement because often complete automation comes at the risk of being a compromise on performance. This is certainly not the case here.

There are of course certain guidelines to be followed before one lets loose one’s robotic vacuum cleaner on all the filth in the house. The floor and the other regions which form the cleaner’s work surface should be kept free from the large particles or littered substances that are big enough to suffocate the vacuum cleaner.

This being done, the rest should be easy enough as the robotic vacuum cleaner sweeps across the surface and cleans. There are other parameters to be set for a robotic vacuum cleaner. Since it relies on crashing into objects and adjusting its movement based on the collision there are ways to control the area in which the cleaner would operate depending on the size of the room, whether large, medium or small.


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