Thailand – An Exotic Place To Travel

Travelling is more of hobby than a profession. Often most of the people love to travel and they are always looking for places to travel. From New York to London, every place which is beautiful and amazing is a must visit for them.


If you are also looking for places and countries to visit then Thailand tour is a must for you. Thailand is the most exotic place one can ever find. The places to visit are also great and historic as well.

Thailand – A Basic Introduction:

Thailand is the beautiful country located in South East Asia which is at the center of Indochina peninsula. The former name of Thailand is Siam and it is also known as the Kingdom of Thailand, Siam.

Thailand is the 51st largest country by area in the world and 20th most populous country. The largest city of Thailand is Bangkok which is also the capital of Thailand and the industrial and commercial hub.

Thailand is famous for its tropical beaches, temples, royal places, etc. Figures of Buddha, a religious statue are also a trademark of this country. Thailand comprises of modern and urban cities full of motor cars and Buddhist temples. That is why Thailand is considered to be the most popular travel place.

Top 3 Places to Visit in Thailand:

Following are some of the important places to visit during your tour to Thailand:

  1. Islands:

Among the most popular places to visit during your Thailand tour are its islands. Thailand is mainly famous because of their beautiful islands. There are three sets of islands located in Thailand. The largest island of the country is Phuket which is amazingly beautiful. Ko Phi Phi and Ko Tao is also very popular. Each of them is worth visiting.

  1. Bangkok:

Bangkok, the largest city of Thailand, is the capital of the country as well as the commercial and industrial hub. Bangkok is full of high buildings, ancient temples and mouthwatering food. Bangkok is worth visiting as the city is full of natural beauty.

  1. Chiang Mai:

Chiang Mai, another beautiful city of Thailand, you could not get tired to visit this enchanting city. The Night Bazaar is the glory of this city. The cultural and religious architecture of this great city can never let you get exhausted. The National Museum and the Botanic garden give you a taste of the cultural values however the ancient temples remind you of old times.

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