Some Of The Most Prestigious Wines In Australia – Burgundy Wines

As much as alcoholic beverage intake should always be monitored, not to lead to the debilitating outcomes such as addiction, one does not have to be an alcoholic or an alcohol addict to love drinks such as burgundy wines. In situations such as when you have social or informal meetings with peers, dates, parties, important occasions, or other none office related events, having a glass of wine or several for that matter can come in handy.


Among the most expensive and prestigious red and white wines that you can find interesting to bless your time with in such occasions are burgundy wines. They are among the top ranked beverages in France and its environs, owing to their popularity and brand reputation.

Below is an insightful look about some of these beverages.

Where they are produced

In the eastern central region of France, there is an administrative region known as burgundy, which happens to be one of the major producers of wine in France and its environs. The name was derived from some ancient German community known as the burgundies, who settled in the area as they migrated from Bornholm. This took place during the early middle ages. As trade and entertainment evolved with time, wine production and trade eventually materialized, owing to the fertile soils in the area that immensely supported grape farming.

Variety and wine classification

The most common varieties of these beverages are red wine and white wine, made from pinot noir grapes and chardonnay grapes respectively. The fruit wines are generally characterized and ranked according to the major regions in burgundy. These include cote d or, cote chalonnaise, Chablis and Macon. Macon is known for production of the most affordable and easy to drink white wines. Cote chalonnaise is known for production of a mix of red and white wines while cote d’Or is the area where the most expensive and prestigious wines are produced in little amounts. Other not so common grapes used in production include the gamay and aligote grapes from France and other countries.

High demand of the French grape wines

Burgundy wines are known for their high demand in France, some parts of Australia, Europe and other parts of the globe. This is probably due to high quality of the products and the good reputation they have gained in alcoholic beverage markets with time. Some of the most prestigious ones, for instance those produced in cote d’Or are produced in little quantities, probably due to the extensive and labor intensive activities involved in the maturation processes. This high demand has in turn lead to their high prices and to achieve high ranking among the top wines in the global and local spectrum.

Where to find French grape wine

The internet has in this time and age conquered the market and has gradually evolved to become one of the most reliable shopping “mall” or platform where you can find just about anything you want to buy as long as you have an internet enabled device. There are many online website that sell different types of alcoholic drinks and products, and those that provide you with information about wines.

Conducting an extensive research about the reputation and legitimacy of such a site will assist a great deal. If you are a native of France or you are on a travel vacation or business visit, considering paying a visit to one of the above areas can come in handy.

There are different types of wines, with different tastes and flavors and made from different types of fruits. Including burgundy wines, they all have some features worth considering, before you buy or consume such a product. Always consider the brand, the alcoholic content (in most cases indicated on the bottle or pack as v/v) and the expiry date, among other things. Please stay away from wine if your doctor recommends so!


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