Shopping for Flattering Clothing Post-Mastectomy

It often sounds like the last thing any woman would care about – they’ve managed to fight off breast cancer and been given a second shot at life, so really what should it matter what she wears? In reality however, looking good and feeling great represent two of the biggest joys of living – both of which get kicked up more than a few notches after having stared something truly horrendous right in the face. It will of course take some time for any women in such a position to really get back to her old self and begin paying any real attention to style, fashion and their prior personal flourish, but this will happen…and more often than not, sooner than you’d think!


The simple fact of the matter is that time will indeed play a role – health experts the world over agree that the last thing any women should feel is in any way obliged to dive right back into dressing to the nines until she feels she is ready. And when it comes to things like swimwear and halter-neck tops, there’s really no such thing as taking too much time.

A Shared Concern

Over recent years, some of the world’s most influential designers and fashion icons have found their lives in one way or another touched by breast cancer. Having gained a better understanding of what it can be to go through such hell and come out the other side, many were inspired to begin putting their names and their talents to everything from helpful style guides to post mastectomy swimwear designed to be as flattering and liberating as possible. To look at the market today you’d think these kinds of things have been around for generations – in reality it’s only as of relatively recently that they’ve been available at all.

As the world’s population ages like never before, more adults of all ages are living long, happy and healthy lives after fighting off seemingly unstoppable diseases. Which in turn means that there are more people than ever before with the same shared concerns – a global community of proactive individuals looking to take back control of their lives and win back their former confidence.

The idea of any women going back to her old ways post-mastectomy may once have seemed far-fetched – these days it’s quite simply anything but.

A Choice, Not a Compromise

There was a time not so long ago when the idea of a mastectomy bra was enough to reduce pretty much any woman of any age to tears. Uninspiring really didn’t come into the equation, but advances in the field have brought to life a 21st century range of mastectomy lingerie the likes of which is more than just a little desirable. As of right now, mastectomy bras can be picked up from some of the world’s most iconic fashion houses including Amoena, Jodee and Playtex to name just three. And what’s more, pretty much every style and taste is catered for too – the days of assuming one size suits all are gone, and not a moment too soon!

The trick is to be realistic when it comes to finding these kinds of lines as it’s unlikely you’ll be finding any in your standard High Street stores anytime soon. More often than not, it’s a case of looking up online vendors or finding out where the specialist retail units are, which are if nothing else much more abundant and close at hand that you might have expected.

Finding the Right Fit

Post-mastectomy, a woman’s body will have changed in shape in a significant way – there’s really no skirting around the issue. As such, it’s unrealistic to expect every former fashion fancy and taste to still be a suitable choice, which is of course a pretty unpleasant reality to face. The key to once again restoring former confidence and happiness lies in finding the right fit for the new you, which can be tricky and take some time but is 100% possible in 100% of cases.

As mentioned above, there are even post mastectomy swimwearlines to choose from these days so it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that underwear, eveningwear and all manner of other collections are simply extraordinary in size and diversity. In any and all instances however there’s one crucial tip to bear in mind, which is that of never going it alone. There are so many specialists working in this industry area right now that can be invaluable in both pointing women in the right direction and helping find the right fit.

The lines are there, the help is there and the perfect fit is indeed there – it’s just a case of going out and finding it!


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