Selecting The Perfect Shoe Insole For You

Height insoles are shoe soles that you can insert in your shoe to increase your height or at least make yourself appear taller. These soles have got very common and famous because of its efficiency and usage. The product is comfortable and easy to use for everyone. You can select the size and height that you want and edit the sole accordingly.

Types of height soles:

There are various types of height increasing insoles that you can use according to your need and desire. Below in the article you can get all the information about these various types of soles available in the market:

  1. Height Increase Elevator Shoes:

This model of the insole will help you gain one and half inch of height. The sole is made up of two soles; the upper sole is of one inch, while the lower sole is of 0.5 inch. You can use both the soles together or can separate both the soles according to your desire. They are ideal to be used with boots and sneakers.

  1. Gel Elevator Shoes Half Insole:

As the name says it self the sole is half that is it is solely for the back part of the feet. The person has to fix the sole in the shoe and thus would feel a raise only in the backside of the feet. The gel factor makes the sole comfortable and vibration proof. They go best with slippers and loafers.

  1. Half Elevator Insole:

The other half sole available in the market, they are made up of a very thin and light weighted material that makes it easy to use and comfortable both. They are made up of foam therefore are very cushioning, they go best with slippers and loafers too.

  1. Height Lifting Inserts:

This insert will help you get the additional height, as it increases the height of the sole. They have air in it so they are very comfortable to be used and light in weight they are good for all sorts of shoes as they fit all the sizes.

  1. The 3-Layer Air Cushion Insole:

The most expensive type of sole it is and it helps you get up to 2 inches of additional height. The sole has 3 layers, you can use all three together or separately.

  1. Nest Design Flannel Heel Gel Insoles:

Like the half soles these soles are also for half body only, the sole is the largest and thus give you the most added height. It has different size for both men and women and are blue in color unlike other soles.


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