Mother of the bride dresses: Your questions answered

Is your daughter busy planning her wedding? Once you’ve got her dress sorted, it’s time to work on your mother of the bride outfit. Here we’ve answered some of the most common mother of the bride questions to help you find the perfect outfit for your daughter’s wedding.

Choose a mother of the bride dress that makes you feel good about yourself.

Who picks their outfit first the mother of the bride or groom?

Traditionally the Mother of the bride is supposed to get first dibs on dress choices. Once she has chosen her outfit, it’s customary for her to inform the mother of the groom of her choice, as it will help her pick out her own outfit. It’s up to you whether you follow this rule or not. Some will see it as a little out dated! However it could help the two mothers from picking exactly the same outfits, which would be a bit of a disaster – trust us, we’ve seen it happen!

What are the best colours for mother of the bride dresses?

This really comes down to the current trends and whether you want the mother of the bride dress to tie in with the wedding colours. It’s best to avoid wearing white, ivory or champagne colours, as they are strictly reserved for the bride, as well as black, as it has connotations of mourning.

If you’re not sure what colour to go for, it’s a good idea to talk to your daughter. There may be a certain colour she has in mind or she may simply be able to help you choose a colour that compliments your features and complexion.

Some brides like their mothers to wear dresses that tie in with the bridesmaid gowns.

Does the mother of the bride dress have to tie in with the bridesmaid dresses?

Some brides love their wedding party members’ dresses to match, whereas others hate it, so it really comes down to personal preference. Ask the bride what she has in mind and take it from there. If she wants the dresses to tie in with each other, without actually matching, maybe suggest that you wear a deeper shade of the colour the bridesmaids will be wearing?

When’s best to buy the mother of the bride dress?

We recommend shopping for your mother of the bride outfit as soon as you can from brands like That way if you are following traditional etiquette and need to inform the mother of the groom of your choice, you will be giving her plenty of time to shop too

Do I have to wear a dress to my daughter’s wedding?

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a dress but still want to look dressed up and stylish, there are plenty of gorgeous skirt suits and pant suits you can choose from instead. Many Mother of the bride dress designers also create two-piece suits for women, to give you another fashionable alternative. It doesn’t really matter whether you wear a dress, skirt or trousers and a jacket, as long as you feel comfortable.

Hat or no hat?

There’s no rule on whether or not you need to wear a hat or fascinator. It all depends on the formality of the ceremony, the outfit you’ve picked out and how you are planning on wearing your hair. If you are thinking of wearing a hat or fascinator, be sure to try on a few different styles when you are shopping for your mother of the bride outfit. Different styles and sizes suit different face shapes, so you’ll be able to identify what suits you best.

We help this article has answered some of your key questions regarding mother of the bride outfits. The main thing is that you choose a dress that is stylish, comfortable and flattering.


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