More Information About The Claddagh Ring

You might have heard about the Claddagh ring before, but do you really know what this ring is standing for and why people do buy this ring? There’s quite some interesting things around the Claddagh ring that many people didn’t know about. Even those who do have a Claddagh ring, might not even know this. Here some more information about the Claddagh rings.

The meaning of the ring

You’re getting different varieties of the Claddagh ring, but there’s mostly just one meaning for buying the ring. This is actually a friendship ring, that your purchase for your best friend. You will not want to buy this ring, just for any type of friend. But, really just for your best, best friend.

However, this ring can also be purchased as a wedding or even as an engagement ring. Because the ring really gives meaning to love, friendship and loyalty, this can also make a great wedding ring to your life partner or soulmate.

Wearing the ring

One of the reasons why the ring is so significant is because that you can wear the ring differently, and it then also means something different. For friendship, you will wear the ring in your right hand, with the crown in the ring, pointing away from your heart. However, if you have argued with your friend and don’t want to his/her friend anymore, you’re wearing the crown towards your heart.

If you’re wearing the ring as a marriage ring or an engagement ring, you will wear the ring in your left ring finger and with the crown pointing away from your heart. This ring can be worn by men and women. There’re different varieties for men, but the meaning of the ring stays the same.

Different variations

There’re different variations when it comes to the Claddagh ring. There’s the most popular one with the two hands holding the heart and the crown on top if the heart, and then there’re some other variations for those who prefer to be somewhat different.

Buying a Claddagh ring for your best friend, lover, partner or even as a wedding ring, means so much. The ring has a really deep meaning. It doesn’t matter what variety you’re buying, the actual meaning of the ring will stay the same. If you really love someone, and you want to show your love, buying one of the varieties of the Claddagh ring is a good idea. You can buy now from any online store, which sells the original Claddagh ring.


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