Luxury New Zealand tours: New Zealand beyond Lord of the Rings

New Zealand, now so synonymous with the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, draws tourists the world over attracted by its majestic scenery that formed the backdrop of the epic that is the Lord of the Rings. New Zealand is an island country in the southwest Pacific Ocean. It consists of two main parts called North Island and South Island, as well as numerous smaller islands, Stewart Island and the Chatham Islands. New Zealand also includes the Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau.  Luxury tours to New Zealand would be incomplete without the below:


National Park “Mount Cook” and Tasman glacier

One-third of New Zealand’s most amazing national park consists of eternal snow and ice. It boasts seventy-two named glacier and twenty-seven mountain peaks over 3,000 meters, including Mount Cook, who was a head taller than its neighbors. Not exactly what you expect to find in the South Pacific, on the same island, which has palm groves and grow hibiscus.

Auckland – New Zealand carefree charm

“Rather village than city” – so many people describe the relaxed charm of Auckland – despite the fact that it is the largest city in New Zealand. The proximity of the South Pacific contributes to the year-round mild climate, the beaches and the sea are at your fingertips – so it is not surprising and constant presence among the ten best places to live in the world. 306 km south of Auckland is situated Taupo Lodge.

Lake Taupo/Taupo Lodge/ – paradise for rainbow trout. Fishing and Hunting ideas

Best time: May-September fly-fishing; September-April hunting trout.

According to stickers on cars Lake Taupo is “ecumenical capital of rainbow trout” – and they do not exaggerate: even by New Zealand standards, these trout are monsters, as the average catch is about 2 kg and 10-kg only causes some excitement. The largest lake in the country, 32 to 40 km (in places with depth 180 m), Taupo is the crater of an ancient volcano and is located near the center of the North Island, surrounded by three active volcanoes in the nearby national park “Tongariro”. Any vessels of old steamers to modern catamarans are available to fishermen and lovers of the sun who want to walk along its cool, clean water, and in the town of Taupo chef of your hotel will prepare your catch to your liking. Located 5 km south of Taupo, “Huka Lodge” has no competition among the established European-style hotel provincial sports complexes – right here James Michener is inspired for writing parts of Return to Paradise. Due to its proximity to Lake Taupo and frisky Uaikato river flowing through his calm, like park surroundings, the name “Huka” is pronounced with respect in Phishing circles worldwide. Spacious villas are located along the quiet, overgrown with willows shores of the river, towers of redwood glass roof over your bathroom and sliding glass doors bring natural inside. You may want a basket of goodies for a picnic and spend an afternoon at the mighty Huka Falls. New Zealand as a place for holidays with the most limited access only to selected people the quality of wines and dinner never falls below excellent.

Horse-riding at the Farm at Cape Kidnappers

The name Cape Kidnappers received with a light hand of Captain James Cook in this place one of the Maori tried to kidnap a member of his team. Today, there is a unique golf course, designed by Tom Doak among American natural landscape. Alongside the cape you could try horse-riding at one of many farms around Cape Kidnappers

Heli-Skiing at the luxurious Minaret Lodge

Heli-skiing at the luxurious minaret lodge is off-trail, downhill skiing that is accessed by a helicopter, as opposed to a ski lift. Evidence suggests that heli-skiing may have begun in the late 50s or early 60s. On old photos in ski books Heli-skiing was promoted in ski films and has its own star athletes such as Seth Morrison, Mark Abma, and Glen Plake. Nowadays heli-skiing is becoming more and more popular in New Zealand, there is a great possibility to heli-skiing there at the luxurious Minaret Lodge. In contrast to the European heli-skiing resorts in New Zealand there is no restriction on landings, so it is possible to land and to ski on every slope that you like. Snow conditions on the mountains vary considerably over the course of the weather as the snow is subjected to sun, wind, temperature variation, and new snowfalls. Snow conditions change almost every day.


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