Love Binding to Transform a Friendship into Love.

If you have wished for a while that a close friend would see you differently, and would approach you differently, then this tie love binding

(Amarre de Amor Transformando una Amistad) is for you.


Of course you must know that before putting it into practice you must be 100% discreet and observe that magic has more potency in the world of confidence and secrecy.

Supplies Needed

  • 3 spoonful’s of real honey
  • 3 mint leaved
  • 3 lumps of sugar
  • 3 of spoonful’s of pulverized henna
  • -3 grains of whole pepper
  • 3 petals from a yellow rose
  • An egg
  • A green marker
  • Chicken feather.
  • A piece of black and yellow cloth.
  • A Wooden bowl


Write on the egg using the green marker the name of friend you are interested in. Mix all the items in the wooden bowl and place the egg in the middle. Cover the bowl with a piece of black and yellow fabric. When dusk begins go to a river. Offer the bowl to the spirits of water. Ask in a respectful manner that they grant you the favor of making your friend fall in love with you. Take seven steps in that place and then you can go to home.

This love binding is very efficient as long as you are careful and follow the instructions.



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