Lingerie and swimwear trends

Lingerie is a topic that carries flavour of certain mystery, a pinch of sinful thoughts and quite a big insecurity.

Whom would you trust on such delicate issues as choosing a new lingerie set? Your friends? Colleagues? Your mom? Nope, probably the best advisor is somewhere out there beyond your computer or smartphone screen.  Millions of people have the same slightly awkward feeling when it comes to talking about delicate issues; they prefer to read and watch, just like you. Luckily there are those who eagerly share their experiences and findings.


But where do you start when you’re about to dive into world of lingerie? Well we suggest a new   lingerie portal to help on your lingerie choice. covers vast variety topics related to lingerie, swimwear, nightwear, clubwear and sexywear. Yet it is not a simple let-me-review-your-product blog. It is a magazine that covers vast range of lingerie-related news for end-consumer; be it a woman searching for hottest swimwear trends of upcoming season, or a man looking for ideas to surprize his beloved one with a seducing lingerie set.

If there’s one lingerie website that writes about bold attempts of feminists to fight against demeaning stereotypes on women’s body image, and at the same covers backstage news of lingerie and swimwear photo-shoots with hottest models – that is

From bra fitting tips to bridal shower ideas; from reviews on world-known brands to sneak-peak into portfolios of lingerie design newbies; from crazy lingerie designs to very precise descriptions of bra styles – you will be surprised how rich lingerie world is, and astonished by beauty it hides.

Lingerie and swimwear trends, seasonal collections, gossips, hot outfits, contests and awards, fashion shows and many more is brought to you by lingerie experts from all around the globe to  That’s why we think it is really worth visiting. Yet, we must warn you: once you step into the world of lingerie, there’s no way back – it will overwhelm you with alluring beauty and you will get trapped forever in this mysterious and delightfully sinful word.





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